Happy Birthday Corinne!

Birthday cake candles

I met Corinne about a year or two ago on her blog, Personal Growth with Corinne Edwards. We were both students of Yaro’s Blog Mastermind course but it was our passion for personal growth, spiritual topics, and conversation that brought us together.

During the last year, Corinne and I have interacted a lot on our blogs and via chat. We even met at an SOBCon after hours get together in Chicago for dinner! That was a blast – meeting a dear friend in person after chatting via the web for over a year!

Luckily, Corinne and I have been able to help each other in our creative endeavors.  I helped Corinne on her blog, even getting some of her famous Wisdom TV interviews up on YouTube. These interviews include experts such as Wayne Dyer and Deepak Chopra!

Corinne helped me be a better radio show host by lovingly listen to every interview I did and then give me direct honest feedback.  As a result I’m getting better interviews on my Live Your Purpose radio show. As a result, I interviewed Corinne – on BlogTalk Radio , then, Corinne Interviews me on Blogtalk radio about Divine Purpose!

CK and I were lucky enough to have Corinne write our very first ever guest post here on Divine Purpose. Please read it and then leave your comments to Corinne under the post.

Then, Corinne linked to my Commitment Video,  and…….

…..  well, therCorinne Edwards and Personal Growthe is a lot more interaction that we’ve had, but Corinne warned me that if we kept linking to each other people might think we were lesbians.

So, enough of that. Corinne has a lot to say about Divine Purpose, and she wrote about it in a round about way in her very funny, poignant book,  – A Woman Alone. Have you read it?  I did. It’s very funny, and inspiring. I laughed I cried.  Really.

So, would you like to surprise Corrine for her birthday?  Then buy her book – A Woman Alone. Wouldn’t that just be a great present for her?

So, enough is enough.  No more linking!

Just birthday wishes.

Surprise Corinne!

Happy Birthday!

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