Give Yourself the Gift of Support

Getting Life’s Goals Support from Divine Purpose Unleashed!What happens internally when you think of asking for help?

Do you have a judgment that you are weak? Do you have the belief that you ‘should’ be able to do it all by yourself? Do you compare yourself to those you think are doing it all themselves? Do you feel that you are not good enough if you can’t do it alone?

In this country we are “supported” in doing it all by ourselves. Doing it alone is one reason we don’t accomplish the things that we want to and eventually give up on our goals for life.

We don’t pursue our dreams with passion because we think we should have to get there all by ourselves. We don’t follow our purpose for life because we limit our opportunities to get us where we want to go.

Going it alone limits us and can lead to a life without passion. I am not saying that you cannot live a life of passion when you do it all yourself. I am asking you to take an honest look at your life and ask yourself how you could be living a grander version of yourself. Just for a moment, give up all judgment of ‘needing’ help and ask yourself what help you could use to manifest what you want this year. Ask!

Change the word “help” to “Support” and consider the following:

Who could support you to manifest your desires. What exactly do you need? What are the people supports you could give yourself? Do you need an accountant? or a plumber? or a spiritual life coach? Do you need a teacher? or a partner? or a personal assistant?

What structural supports could you give yourself? A calendar? or a computer? or a to-do-list?

After you know your purpose in life, and what you want to accomplish in 2008, identify all the support you need to make it happen, so that your goals for life don’t end up being just your goals for life!

If you would like some personal support to help you identify what your needs might be, I would be happy to HELP! (and check out the Divine Purpose Workshop coming up on January 18th.


What about you? How are you getting help and support for the New Year?

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