Get Rid of Your Myths, Lies, and Excuses Once And For All!

Cut the Crap!

Cut it out!

It’s what runs our lives–when we aren’t conscious of it. Without awareness, it becomes the same story day in and day out; a re-run of all the reasons why you aren’t living your purpose! It’s the who, or what, you blame for your lack of commitment. It’s what you tell yourself so you don’t have to take responsibility for having what you want. Believing Myths, Lies, and Excuses guarantees you one thing. Victimhood! But guess what? I have a secret for you. You can drop the victim mask anytime you choose. Take back your power to create what you consciously desire by giving up all your myths, lies, and excuses.

First you have to identify what you believe

If you haven’t already read our free report on Myths, Lies, and Excuses, do that today. Then give yourself permission to be totally honest with yourself and identify what you are believing, saying, or doing that leaves you feeling like a victim. What thinking do you engage in that leaves you powerless? Disclaimer: if this isn’t you, don’t make it about you. Give yourself permission to identify one way you are playing small by believing myths, lies, and excuses and then shift it for good. Everyone can benefit from this exercise.

Make a decision!

Are you going to use myths, lies, and excuses as your opt out? Or are you going to go for what you want? Even if you don’t know how you’re going to get there? The first step is to admit the truth; then you’ll be standing consciously as the powerful creative force you are. Really check in…

Am I wearing the victim mask?

Ask yourself some of these questions:

  • I don’t want to take the responsibility to have what I want in life.
  • I choose my fear over my dreams!
  • I really don’t want to do what it takes.
  • I choose to play small.

When you admit the truth to yourself, then you step out of victim status

If you don’t want to do it, then just say so! But when you use myths, lies, or excuses it makes it seem like you don’t have any control. You do have control! If you don’t want to live your best life, then stop thinking about it, stop investing your time and energy into it, and stop telling people about it. Or if this is your best life and you don’t want the next expression of yourself to emerge, then let it go man. There is nothing wrong with you if you choose to stay in your present manifestation; “saying” you want something different, when you really don’t earns the victim badge.

If you are ready for your next step, this is what will help you take it

Living from myths, lies, and excuses is like telling yourself there is something wrong with you. “I can’t do it because…” However, if you really want to live your best life. If you really do want to step into your next highest expression, then identify your myths, lies, and excuses and commit to never using them again.

Pay attention to how you feel

The way you feel will inform you if you are on the right path. If you feel bad, stuck, or confused, then you most likely engage in myths, lies, and excuses. Give up them up. Tell it like it is and you will notice that you feel better. And the most exciting part of taking your power back is that you start to live a more purpose-filled life. You will find that the choices you currently make will start to shift and you become empowered to create what you do want. Identify where your commitment is and enjoy the endless possibilities that await you.

Here’s the key:

Give up all tolerance for myths, lies, and excuses. Don’t blame anyone or anything for your current situation -including yourself. Taking responsibility for the expression of your purpose means giving up anything that has previously held you back. Identifying the myths, lies, and excuses that you have held in place gives you the awareness to replace them with empowering interpretations.

Free Report

We have prepared a special report to help you identify any myths, lies, and excuses that might be inhibiting your fullest expression of your life purpose. If you haven’t already done so, download your free report 7 myths, 8 lies, and 35 excuses that people use for not living their life purpose and then let us know what you think.

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