I Know Why Following Your Heart Gets You NOWHERE!


Follow your heart, it will NEVER lead you astray!

I teach the importance of connecting with the heart, so you can have more fulfillment…  So you can move through life effortlessly.  When you stop, breathe, and check in before making a decision, you will always get the right answer for yourself.  Call it your inner-wisdom, your higher-self, or your still small voice…  Call it whatever you want, there is a higher force with your best interests at heart.   Your heart will never lead you astray, unless of course, you have a wonky heart… That means that it’s unreliable…

If you have a wonky heart, I bet you’ve been following your emotions instead of your heart!

Do you make a decision with your heart and then run into dead-ends?  Do you feel frustrated that your life isn’t aligning with your ideas for a fabulous life?  Are you upset most of the time, because things only work out for other people–even though you know your heart told you to step in a certain direction?  Do you find yourself curtailed by the universe more often than supported by it?  If you answer, “yes” to these questions, you haven’t been following your heart at all.  And it’s not wonky!  You’ve been held hostage by your emotions.

Three ways to negotiate your release…

  • Take Responsibility! You cannot follow your heart if you’re blaming other people for the circumstances in your life.  If you want a powerful connection with your heart, so you can be guided and directed for your highest potential, you’ll need to take full responsibility for all the crap you’ve created in your life.  One way you can tell if you are creating from a victim mindset, is if you feel like blaming yourself for all the crap… and if  a poor me thought just ran through your mind.  Are saying to yourself, “I know, I did it all to myself….blah, blah, blah….”  If you are, then you need an expert to negotiate your release.  You are definitely being run by your emotions and not your heart.
  • Give up Excuses! You must give up all excuses for why your life doesn’t look the way you want it to.  Here are some common excuses I’ve heard over the years:  I don’t have enough money, I don’t have enough time, I had a tough childhood, I don’t have the support I need, everyone leaves me, no matter how hard I try–I can’t get ahead.  If you relate to these excuses or similar ones, you also need an expert to negotiate your release.
  • Interpret Your Events from an empowered perspective. You will know you are following your emotions and not your heart if most of the unsavory events in your life leave you feeling victimized.  Only a new perspective will open invite your heart to lead the way.  About significant events in your life, ask yourself, “What did I make this mean about myself?” If your answers are anything less than, “God has something better for me, Duh!”  Then you need an expert to negotiate your release.

Lucky for you I’m an expert negotiator!

Usually I’m called a “coach,” but I like the term–expert negotiator.  I negotiate the freedom of your heart so you can love and accept yourself just the way you are.  I negotiate the full release of all negative and dis-empowering thoughts, actions, and behaviors, so you can create at a higher vibration than you ever have.  I negotiate the full engagement of your Life Purpose for the benefit of all life, and ultimately for peace on earth.  I negotiate for your high self-esteem, so you can claim your brilliance and be all that!

You have everything inside of you to have the life that you want, you just need some new ways of creating.  I negotiate those new ways of creating with your ego and the deep desires of your heart–which will always lead you to your next highest expression.

We can all relate to creating from a victim mentality.

Have you ever blamed someone for how you feel or what happened to you?  Have you ever made excuses for why you don’t have what you want?  Have you ever looked at an event in your life and made it mean that you weren’t good enough?  When you remove the layers of the victim shroud from your persona, you’ll instantly begin to create at a higher vibration.  There is no limit to what you can create, except the limitations you’ve placed upon yourself.  When you stepout of victim and into your power, you heart will take you everywhere!

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