Following Your Heart Can Be Painful

Creative Commons License photo credit: Orangeya

I have to trust that my heart knows. That when I have an intuitive hit and follow it, that I’m on my path – even when others don’t get it.

A few weeks ago a friend of mine, Marilyn, decided to leave her job. I didn’t get it. In fact I argued that she should stay, enjoy the benefits while looking for something else. Usually I’m a big cheerleader of just stepping out and going for what you want, but I didn’t understand her motives and thought she hadn’t thought it through.

She was clear though in her intention. Marilyn knew it would be painful, but that it was her next step. She trusted.

What the heck. Who am I to know what another persons next step is? Why should I put myself inside someone else’s motivation and think I know better.

Corinne had a great post about giving others advice. Just don’t do it. And usually I don’t. Usually I step back and work with clients to go inside to find their own wisdom, their own intuitive hit.

Then why am I so judgmental, upset, untrusting when I follow my own heart?

….Oh, when I follow my intuition and everything works out, it feels great.

But what about those other times? When I follow my heart, know that I am on path, following my steps and it doesn’t work out like I thought?

Should I stop trusting?

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