Follow Your Envy and Get a Clue on Your Divine Purpose

Canyons Breathe on Divine Purpose

Are you envious?

I’m not talking about the kind of envy where you wish you owned that cool Prius. I’m talking about the kind of envy where you see a beautiful painting of an abstract flower and wish you had some talent. Any talent. And the mind takes over.

Pretty soon after looking at the painting for a few minutes you’ve decided that anyone could paint like that, a child could do it for heavens sake, and the artist isn’t that good anyway. You storm out of the gallery wondering how anyone so inept could possibly get their art shown in a gallery. All they did was slap on paint.

Oh wait, that’s not you? Yea, it’s me.

You know what? Envy thoughts have been clues to my Divine Purpose.

It was only a few years ago that I told everyone that I couldn’t paint, draw or create a thing – except maybe a business. I was good at that, after all I could use my mind! Every inch of my creativity went into my entrepreneurial ventures and I closed my heart to any other creative pursuits, because I wasn’t an artist.

From a business standpoint, it served me well. but I wasn’t happy. I’d go to a gallery or an art show, and be moved to tears. It would start with envy and move to trash talking the artist.

The envy was a clue to something deep inside myself that my heart wanted.

A few years later on a writing retreat, I was doing walking meditation and stumbled into a printmaking gallery. I had no idea what a printing press was, but I went in and asked if he taught.

“Yes. Come tomorrow.”

Tomorrow came and I stood outside the door crying. My heart and mind both were so scared that I almost didn’t go inside the door. I paced back and forth in my walking meditation trying to decide if I should enter.

The fear was real. I was paralyzed. It was a clue. This was important to my heart.

Yet when I did a whole new world opened up to me, and I became a printmaker.

How does this fit with Divine Purpose?

  • I’ve found a level of creativity inside myself that I couldn’t access before.
  • Now I use this for Class participants – They can find a safe place to explore their own creativity based upon my experiences.
  • My life is fuller, rounder, more expressive.
  • My mind trusts my heart at a new level.
  • My heart and mind stay more connected.
  • I’m happier, more generous and yes, artistic!

Need a clue to your own Divine Purpose? What are you envying today?