Final Speaker for the General Session Named!

The Mountain Social Media Summit chooses its opening speaker!

Michelle Vandepas!

That’s right!  I entered Michelle in a contest to win the last speakers slot in the general session for them “techy people.”  She’s going to…. North Georgia! North Georgia?  She gets it!  What do you think she will talk about?

Michelle will be sharing what she knows about Social Media.  I think she’s going to talk about social media while she’s naked in the sauna.  Uh, maybe I didn’t get that exactly right, but I’ll sort that out with her later.

What does Michelle speaking in North Georgia have to do with Life Purpose?

I’ve been watching Michelle for the past couple years now.  Ever since I met her in the parking lot of Sammy’s Organics, Michelle has been taking actions that put her in front of people. Here are some things I’ve seen her do since we started Divine Purpose Unleashed, LLC in 2007.

  • Teaching on-line
  • Facilitating workshops
  • Being a guest on radio shows
  • Hosting her own radio shows–lots of them!
  • Joining speakers associations
  • Speaking at conferences
  • Participating in Toastmasters–regularly!
  • Entering speech contests
  • Taking workshops to develop her skills as a speaker
  • Addressing organizations
  • Practicing

Speaker is a role and not a Life Purpose.

In our Myths Report we adamantly exclaim that “the roles you play are NOT your Life Purpose,” but you can live your Life Purpose through the roles you play.  It is in Michelle’s heart to live her Life Purpose through the role of speaker.  It’s not enough to just think about it.  That’s fantasy.  If you want to live your Divine Purpose through a role, you’ll need to take action.

Living Your Life Purpose = Taking action!

With each action she takes, Michelle has been stepping powerfully into the role of speaker.  Each audience she steps in front of gets bigger.  Each step she takes requires more of her time and commitment–and she willingly obliges.  All of the attention she is placing on stepping into this role opens her up to bigger opportunities.  This time its the Mountain Social Media Summit.  What will it be next week?  Her dream is becoming a reality through the vision she’s created and the baby steps she’s been taking for the past several years… maybe even before I began noticing… possibly before I even met her.  What if she never took any steps towards her dream; what would she be doing then?

Divine Purpose Unleashed is a Container!

When Michelle and I opened the doors to Divine Purpose Unleashed, we took a significant amount of time to vision the reasons why we wanted to start this company.  We felt strongly that Divine Purpose Unleashed needed to be it’s own entity and have it’s own purpose.  Divine Purpose Unleashed is a container for us to live our Life Purpose.  Us!  That means you too.  This website, the coaching, the classes, the support, the writing all has one intent and that is to support people in sharing their spiritual gifts with the world.  If you let it, then Divine Purpose Unleashed, LLC can support you as well.

What is Your Life Purpose?

This is where it starts.  Claiming it.  Stating it out loud.  Asking for help in expressing it.  Taking steps towards it.  I’ve heard a saying that insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results…  What have you been doing over and over while remaining in a fantasy world that your gifts will just magically start manifesting?  What actions are you taking toward your life of passion and purpose?  What beliefs do you have that no longer serve you?  Where do you sabotage your efforts?

We can help!

Maybe you’re stuck.  Perhaps you don’t know where to start.  Maybe you’re afraid to say it out loud, because it feels too big or too sacred.  Wherever you are on your path, you can begin.  Start today by reading the myths report, write in your journal about your deepest desires for your life, or schedule a Life Purpose Coaching session with me.  Heck, go check out Steve Pavlina or buy Tim Kelley’s book on finding purpose (It’s not out yet, I’ll tell you when it is).  While I’d love the opportunity to work with you, the important thing is that you begin.

There are many ways that one can discover their life purpose and start living it, and you just need to find one that resonates with you.  Maybe it’s a conglomeration; it’s definately an exploration!  Whatever you do, start taking quantified steps today to get in touch with your Life Purpose.  And do the world a big favor and start today!  We need you and your gifts.

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