Extraordinary Living with Adam Kayce

adam kayce at viverti

You probably know Adam Kayce from his popular blog site, Monk At Work. I interviewed him over on my other site, Conscious Destiny, where we talked about intuition, spirituality in the workplace and how blogging plays a part in it all. Now we’ve each been following our paths and moved on to new pursuits. I’m here at Divine Purpose Unleashed, and Adam has a new site,Viverati.

Adam’s last post over on MonkatWork he talked about the soul searching he’d been doing and how it led him to develop his new site. Now on his opening page he describes chasing your Life Purpose:

Discovering your purpose isn’t a race. Instead of having the attitude of, “I’ve gotta find it NOW, so I can get going and make it happen!”, with a drive for perfection and a “now-I-can-stop-searching-and-just-be-happy” attitude, you’ll be far better off taking a page from the book of Japanese aesthetics, and more specifically, the concept of wabi-sabi.

So what is wabi-sabi?

I plan to ask him Friday at 9:00AM MST on the Live Your Purpose Radio show. Leave any questions for Adam in the comment section below before the show and I’ll ask him live during the show. Be sure to tune in and listen! It’s going to be a great show.

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