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On Live Your Purpose Radio, Dyan shared how the Law of Attraction is only 1 step in manifesting. Listen as she shares the other steps to manifesting your desires and of course, money!

Free Online Angel Card Readings provided by Voice of the Angels – A Healing Journey Spiritual Cards by Dyan Garris –Voice of the Angels.com

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Money and Manifesting

Voice of the Angels – A Healing Journey Spiritual Cards

Money and Manifesting book, Release CD, and the 3 download MP3s for the Money and Manifesting teleclass. The package is $33.00 with a $1 off coupon code DivinePurpose customers.

Dyan Garris, creator of the free angel card readings found on this site,

has put together a wonderful package for manifesting.

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Voice of the Angels – A Healing Journey Spiritual Cards.

These thirty colorful angel cards come in a beautiful boxed set with a complete sixty-five page

full color instruction booklet, which shows the complete 12 Spans,

(ways to lay out the cards for readings), healing affirmations, full descriptions,

Transformational Healing Exercise, and much more.

The cards were hand illustrated by Dyan Garris and originally made with real crystals and other natural elements.

Each card has a message in rhythmic quatrain verse from the angels who are the “voice” in Voice of the Angels.

On this delightful journey, meet your guardian angels, leave your troubles in the peaceful clearing, return to the light and more. Uncannily accurate answers to your questions. These cards will “speak” to you.

ISBN: 978-0-97776140-0-4

Dyan is the author of the best selling book Money and Manifesting.

Not just another manual about the Law of Attraction and the power of positive thinking, Ms. Garris teaches exactly what stands in our way of manifesting, how to unblock the energy flow of money, and how to actually transform and integrate energy to get what you desire.

Dyan specializes in Automatic Chakra Balance.™ Chakra balance is an important part of the manifesting process. And Dyan not only teaches an easy and effective way to do this, but offers something very different in Money and Manifesting. Parts of the book are fictionalized. One purpose for this is because information is processed with one part of the self, and fiction is processed with another. When you bring the two together, you have automatic shift. Just by reading the book you have already begun the process of manifesting.

A few weeks ago Dyan did a three part teleclass on the subject of manifesting. As an addition to the book, she gave even more information on how to clear blocks to things that stand in your way.

She has now put together a fabulous package for listeners of Empowering Space radio and my friends and subscribers. This consists of her book Money and Manifesting, three MP3s of all three teleseminars, plus her very special relaxation CD Release, which has recently had two #1 songs. Together, these items make a very powerful package for empowering yourself.

Empower yourself!

“Money and Manifesting”

money and manifesting book cover

Dyan has just done a 3- part teleclass about the book and dealing with the subject of Money and Manifesting.

In the classes, she expands on the ideas taught in her book and also gives lots of other tips and hints on how to really attract Financial Abundance into your life.

Much of what has been taught about goal setting and the Law of Attraction has missed the point about how and where you REALLY create what you want.

Dyan has made the audio recordings of these amazing calls available to you. Grab your copy while you can. Enter the promotional code MICHELLE1 for any of the items and the shopping cart will automatically take an extra $0.50 off the already discounted price.

Dyan has also put together a very special package, where you can get her “Money and Manifesting” Book, a copy of “Release CD”, which perfectly complements the book- both shipped directly to your door- and also all three of the downloads from the Money and Manifesting teleseminar class.

release cd by dyan garris money and manifesting by dyan garris book cover

All this for a very special price of only $33.00- saving $8.87. Enter the promotional code MICHELLE and you will get an extra $1.00 off the already discounted price.

You will be taken through to Dyan Garris’ Voice of the Angels site, where you can complete your purchases. You will then automatically be taken to the download pages. Dyan will ship your book and CD to you very shortly.

Please remember to enter your promotional codes, as this will give you a discount at the checkout.

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