Don’t Let Your Dreams Die!


Either take the steps to live your dream or let it go and bury it!

If you talk and talk about your dream and then loudly complain how it will never manifest, then you’re putting too much energy into a dream that will probably never come true.  If you make excuses why you can’t share your spiritual gifts the way you want to, then you are wasting your time.  Bury your dream and then go live your miserable life.  But, just because you don’t think anyone will notice, doesn’t mean it won’t have a significant impact.

The world will suffer…

When you hold back your authentic expression, when you hold back your spiritual gifts, and when you hold back doing the things that light you up, then you hold back your piece of the healing this planet needs.

I get how hard it is to make a commitment to reveal your gifts.  You probably have a full time job and a family that needs you.  You probably feel way to tired at the end of your day to take any actions toward what would fill your soul.  You probably don’t think that what you have to share matters.  You probably don’t have enough money to do what you love, but that’s okay…   We’ll struggle along without your contribution.

Why do you come to Divine Purpose Unleashed?

I hope it’s to become empowered to live your dreams, not just to pretend that you’re dreams are alive.  When you read about all the ways to break through your barriers, I hope you make the changes to break through them, not just pretend that they’ll disappear.  When you feel a stirring in your heart, I hope you listen instead of just admiring someone else who’s listening to their evolutionary impulses.  I believe with every fiber of my being that you are the answer.  I hope you come to Divine Purpose Unleashed to solidify your commitment to expression all of who you are.

Start taking action toward your dream, before they die!

If you remain in denial that your dreams will manifest without a firm commitment on your part and the actions that support that commitment, then your dreams are as good as dead.  Please don’t let your dreams die.  Please receive the support you need to take the steps toward your most highest authentic expression of the god force that lives inside of you.

If you’re truly committed, you’ll find a way.  I’d like to invite you to find that commitment within yourself.  Give yourself permission to have the desire and to let it grow in your heart.  Give yourself permission to know what it is, even if you don’t have a clue right now of how it will look.

Do your obstacles feel too big for you?

It’s very possible that you have enormous obstacles.  Your thoughts and beliefs might be your biggest ones.  If they feel too big, then ask for perspective.  Directly ask for an empowering perspective of your circumstances to be shown to you.  I promise you that there is one.

Sometimes it looks like the Universe is telling you, “No.”

Mary Patrick Kavanaugh has been told, “no” a lot.  In the course of a year her brother, father, and husband all kicked it.  That’s right, belly up!  What would you do with that adversity?  Well, she wrote a book and then after 16 publishing denials, she decided she’d had enough and she buried her dreams.  She threw her vision board, The Secret, and her manuscript all into a coffin and had a full blown funeral.

Who is telling you, “No?”

Take a look around your life and notice who is telling you no.  Who’s feeding you all the reasons why you shouldn’t or couldn’t live your dream?  I hope it’s not you!  If you’ve buried a dream, go leave it’s eulogy at The Cemetery of Dead Dreams.  If you want to hear Mary’s story listen to Michelle’s interview at Live Your Purpose Radio.  If you want to resuscitate your dream, call me!

What will it take to let your dream grow?

What thoughts do you need to clear out?  What behaviors do you need to change?  What actions do you need to take?  What support do you need?  What people do you need to stop listening to?  What doubts and fears do you need to banish?

Find a place in your heart and prepare the fertile ground for your dreams to flourish.  Nourish your soul with the food of possibility.  Give the Divine a way to express himself in this world.  Your gifts and your authentic being is that expression.  Clear your mind of all limitations that the Divine might not want to express through you.  Clear your mind of all concern for how the Divine will express through you.  The Divine knows how, all is needed is your willingness to get out of the way.

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