Making a Difference in The World!

Aviana shaved her head for Uganda

Part of the Divine Purpose for CK and Michelle is to support projects, causes and entrepreneurial ventures that we can stand behind.

The first project we have chosen to support is JustLikeMyChild, an organization helping children in Africa.

CK’s daughter, Aviana, shaved her head to help build a school in Uganda, and we put up this video of Aviana Shaving Her Head.

In a few short days Aviana raised $500.00 and was interviewed by the local TV station – KRDO.

Corinne Edwards and AttractingYourGoals both did stories on Aviana.

On April 4-6 2008 Aviana spoke in Colorado Springs, Woodland Park and Canon City at the Moses Code Screenings to help raise money for her cause.  She collected in excess of $1300.00.

We are so proud of the work that Aviana is doing.

She wants to raise $10,000.00 towards building a school in Uganda.

Will you help?

You can also send checks made out to the


Aviana/The Just Like My Child Foundation, Inc.
PO Box 22025
San Diego, CA 92192-2025

or donate directly to JustLikeMyChild

and mention Aviana in the comment section.

Thank you!