Do You Want To Follow Your Passion Or Have Money?

Following the passion does it lead to the money?

Do you have to choose Passion or Money?


This month is financial abundance month. We’re talking about it on the blog and on the Live Your Divine Purpose radio show.

That means we’re talking money, cash. Having some. Talking about it, making some, attracting some, being deserving. Getting it out in the open and not being afraid.


Say it out loud. Go ahead.

I’d like some money. A lot of money. I would like to have $1,000 or $100,00 in the bank. Or $1, 000,000. I deserve to have money. I am a good person.

Can you say it?

Are you Spiritual or Rich?

Sometimes my clients are afraid to say they want money. They think it is wrong to want money. Or that by having money that would make them bad, or greedy. Why? When you have money you can do more with it. Help your family, your friends, your charity. You have choices. Having money and being a good person – being spiritual, the two have nothing to do with each other.

Oh yea. I hear you out there. Those who say wanting is bad. or WRONG. I’m not talking about chasing money…. more more more……run faster, get more.. wanting wanting….. until you loose all sense of consciousness and give away your soul.

No, I’m not talking about that.

I’m talking about feeling worthy.

Are you worthy? Of course. You are worthy because you are alive.
I’ve met spiritual people with lots of cash. And spiritual people with no cash. And rich people with no ethics, and cash poor people with great ethics. And visa versa and Topsy turvy.

These things just aren’t connected, – spiritual, money, passion, purpose. Yet as a society we believe that having money isn’t spiritual, or ethical or…… (fill in the blank). That money corrupts, or ruins us.

Some of us even have a belief that only extra super talented people can make a living following their passion. Like Britney Spears! Or Oprah… Or…….Sean Penn. Then we make up stories in our head how they have must demons with all their talent.

That only people who were born to sing or born to be a doctor or knew that they wanted to be from five years old and………..not me, only them. those other people. Those bad people, or talented people, or lucky people, or …….

You get the idea. We make up stories. We put things together that really don’t have a relationship except in our heads. Like Money and Passion. Or Spirituality and Service.

Just ask yourself.

Is that true?

(inspired by Byron Katie – Loving What Is: Four Questions That Can Change Your Life)

But the truth is you won’t fall over and burn into ashes if you say the sentence out loud.

I want some money. I want to be financially prosperous.

What are the projections you have about money?

I’d like to have $100,000 in the bank today.

Try it. Say it out loud. What comes up for you? Joy? Freedom? Tightness of chest? Worry?

Don’t judge yourself, but notice.

Why do we put emotional importance on having money or not having money? Isn’t it fabulous how money becomes a reflection of dysfunction in our lives? We project our insecurities onto money – either we aren’t good enough, or we have to prove that we are good enough by working hard and earning more. Or we are too generous, to a fault, at the expense of our families and our own well being. Perhaps you go the other way, being frugal to a fault and not enjoying what you do have.

What is your money relationship?

Whatever your relationship with money, know that you can change it. You are in control of your money, not the other way around. You choose with each dollar how to spend it. And if you choose to buy crackers instead of bread, or a massage instead of gasoline it doesn’t matter. You have made the decision and you are in control.

If you project any emotional importance onto your money or lack of money, then it will always be a place of struggle for you. Money doesn’t have emotions. It is a piece of paper. (back to Byron Katie).

What if….?

What if you could view money as a tool? A tool. Like a hammer. Or your refrigerator.

What if you could follow your passions and money wasn’t even part of the equation. You’ll either make money at your passion or you won’t. But you could still follow your passion. And you can still have money. They may intertwine someday. Or not. Time will tell.

You can have money and be a good person. Or not. The two aren’t connected.

You can follow your passion and be a good person and have money. Or not.

Are you in Survival Mode?

It’s really hard to follow passions if you are worried about money and cash all the time. You’ve got to get out of survival mode. Can you pay your bills? All of them? Every month? If not, why not? How did you get in over your head?

Don’t beat yourself up, just notice. Say, geez, I’m in over my head, now…… This is what I can do about it. Then do something.

Make a list of 100 things

Can you come up with 100 ways to make some extra cash and pay your bills? If you are coming up with cash and spending it on new clothes or dinners out, how come?

Just notice what your patterns are. They’ll shift (if you want them to) after you are conscious of them.

If you can’t pay your bills you’ll struggle to follow a passion.

The two things aren’t connected, but struggling financially is a real downer. It makes it more difficult to enjoy the sunset if the car is getting towed away.

Here’s a few ideas to get you back on track:

  • Find a way to pay your bills – sell something, have a garage sale, take in a roommate.
  • Keep the job you have- or get an extra part time one – temporarily.
  • Find ways to have fun with what you are doing now.
  • Get out of debt as fast as you can.
  • Save some money, you’ll feel better about being able to make different choices.
  • Follow your passions in your spare time. Don’t have one? Start exploring. Take up a hobby or do something you love in your spare time, so that your creative juices can flow, – even if just for 15 minutes every few days.
  • Make a gratitude list. What are you happy about now? Give thanks for what you do have.

These things usually help to keep the flow of energy moving….When you know that you are taking steps to be in control of your money, rather than visa versa, it frees up all kinds of creative energy – allowing you to have both the passion and the money!

Agree? Disagree? Half the fun is the discussion! Lets hear your ideas.

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