Do You Need A Divine Purpose Bailout?

Have you noticed how the big 3 auto executives have seemed totally out of touch?

Does it seem odd that they flew in a private corporate jet to request bailout money to save jobs?  Does it seem like an integrity issue that they have collected millions of dollars in bonus money while simultaneously laying off thousands of workers?  Or that they have continued to build SUV’s and gas guzzling cars even when the market has long since requested fuel efficiency?

Sometimes a gentle reminder is all we need.

When it was brought to their attention that the circumstances surrounding their plea for a bailout might be out of alignment with their requests, they each drove themselves to Washington in hybrid cars, agreed to take only one dollar in compensation, and outlined a plan to save jobs.

It’s easy for us to see where someone else is out of alignment, isn’t it?  They should have been making changes long before this crisis.  Right?  It seems obvious that their choices need to align with their core values.  It seems obvious that you don’t spend money on a corporate jet when your company is going out of business.  And…

Where is that finger pointing?

It’s easy to throw stones and point fingers and yell that others are not living with integrity, and yet I can’t help but wonder how many of us are living our lives in chaos, or out of integrity with our business, or just treading water so we can take a breath here and there.  Let’s use our current economic circumstances as an opportunity to re-align with our life’s purpose.

If your Divine Purpose were nagging you, what adjustments would it be asking you make?

Are your thoughts and actions out of alignment with your purpose?  Do you get really close to doing what you know is your life purpose and then let obstacle after obstacle detour you?  Do you always seem to be running late or complaining about your money situation?  Are you unsure of how to change that?  If so, you might need to take drastic measures.

Do you need a bailout?

Your Divine Purpose wants to be expressed and, just like Washington, we will hold you accountable for its manifestation.  We won’t allow you to run rampant any longer, wasting your gifts and talents.  We won’t allow you to make lame (or even good) excuses any longer.  We won’t allow you to go one more day playing small because your scared out of your mind.  We will hold you accountable for applying your gifts and talents with discernment and clarity.  Today!

What will your life look like in 5 or 10 years if you keep using your same old excuses?  What will your circumstances be like if you keep playing small?  You’ve received ample warning that a life of purpose is more rewarding than a life of talking about a life of purpose. You have your gentle reminder, now what are you going to do about it?

Get Your Divine Purpose Bailout Today!

You have all the answers inside of you, so you know what you need to do to bring yourself back into alignment and integrity with living your purpose.  You might just need some ideas to get you moving.  Here are a few of my favorite:

  • Take a few minutes to get quiet.  Check in with your heart and ask your inner wisdom the one thing you can do every day to align with your purpose.  Do this regularly!  And consistently!
  • Journal about your highest vision for yourself.  Do this without your censor present.  Give your censor a break.  You really don’t need to know how your vision will manifest, so don’t shoot it down before you even get started.
  • Gift yourself with a support system.  Not family and friend naysayers; this is the support system of your inner critic.  Identify your true support and stay engaged with your support system by connecting regularly.
  • Clear out all stagnant energy from your body and environment.  Let go of items that don’t work or don’t get used.  Move your body through dance or yoga or a long hike.  Make room in your life for what you are calling forward.

There are many actions you can take to align with your purpose.  If you aren’t sure what has been blocking you, then download our free Myths Report.  See if you engage in any of the dis-empowering behaviors listed in it and then choose a couple you can let go of.  Remember to ask someone to hold you accountable for your decision.  This could be a supportive friend or even a coach, but do it!  Get whatever support you need to empower you to shine your purpose into the world!  We need your light!  We need you!

ps.  Michelle basically downloaded this to me – she talked and I wrote… I’ll take credit for the writing, but not the words used.

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