Do You Make This Huge Mistake?

Mistake?Ordinarily, I would say that there are no mistakes.

And, to be totally honest this is true! Everything teaches you something, if you let it. Every choice is a walk on the path of your life that will lead you somewhere. Each choice you make will give you an experience. Some choices will leave you feeling happy and others will leave you feeling sad. Some choices create peace in your soul and others chaos. Are you happy with the direction that your choices are taking you? Are you in integrity with yourself and happy with the person you are? Are your choices leading you to living your life purpose?

Don’t be hard on yourself!

If you notice that you are not satisfied with the results of your choices and the direction your life is taking, please don’t add to the unrest by beating yourself up and being mean to yourself. Please use this awareness as an opportunity… An opportunity for new choices that do lead you where you want to go. I invite you to make a shift that will drastically alter how you interact with your life.

Start taking 100% responsibility for your life. All of it!

If you can make this shift in how you show up in your life, you will begin to make the changes you need to create a life you love, and for living your Divine Purpose. But first you need to see how you might not be taking responsibility, so you can identify the changes you need to make. Here are some common ways that people avoid taking responsibility for the direction of their life.

  • Blame. Who or what do you blame for your circumstances? Do you blame your parents or your children? Do you blame your boss or your friend? Do you blame society or things that happened to you in the past? If you are thinking that you don’t blame anyone but yourself, write that down. Blaming yourself is blame. Get really clear on who or what you are blaming. Notice when you are blaming. Be gentle with yourself and just notice. If you notice that you are blaming, don’t blame yourself for blaming. Don’t make yourself wrong, just acknowledge where you are right now. If you are able to, change your words to reflect taking full responsibility. When you take responsibility you can powerfully make the choices that lead to creating what you do want for your life. It does not sound like this: “It’s all my fault–boohoo.” That is just more blame. It might sound like this: “Wow! Look at how powerful I am. Look what I created.” If you recognize that you created the very circumstances that cause you strife and unhappiness, you have the power to create what you do want. It may take a while to get this, but I promise it will be worth it!
  • Making Excuses. What are your excuses for not having what you want or need? Get really brave here and tell yourself the truth. It will be worth it. Here are some to get you going: I don’t know how. I can’t. I don’t really deserve it. I slept in. etc., etc.. If you can see that your excuses are a form of self-sabotage, you can take your power back by taking responsibility for yourself. Instead of making an excuse, say out loud, “I choose not to….” or “I choose to…” Power is in choice. See if you can notice the difference in your body. How does it feel when you say, “I have to…” compared to, “I choose to…”
  • Being out of integrity. Identify where you are out of integrity with yourself. Where does what you say and do not line up? Bring your actions and words into alignment with each other and the energy will open up for what you do want in your life.

What can you do to change the circumstances that you are not happy with in your life? Take 100% responsibility for the conditions, circumstances, and energy. I am asking you to have a shift in consciousness, a quantum leap of faith and direction in your life.

If you are thinking that you can’t do it or you tried to do it and failed, this is exactly where the shift needs to take place. It can only shift when you are in it, so be grateful if you are in it. This is where the ‘aha’ moments of life change your life forever. Take these suggestions for a week or so and see what happens…. And know that your situation probably won’t change in a week. It can, but if it doesn’t don’t give up. If you give up, that is just your old perspectives (your ego) trying to be right about you or your situation. Your ego will do anything to be right about what you are thinking. That is where the blame, excuses, and lack of integrity arise in the first place. Just be aware and gentle and kind to yourself.

How I made a small change that altered my life.

My son lives with his dad. I had been complaining about my 17 year-old son not having access to me by phone. I blamed his dad for not having a phone and for taking away the only access my son had to me. Boohoo! Poor me. In taking responsibility for my relationship with my son, it occurred to me that I didn’t have to wait for someone else to make sure I had access to my son, and I decided that I could get him a phone. Today, this seems so obvious, but when I was in the middle of it, all I could do is make everyone else responsible for giving me what I wanted. But when I shifted and took responsibility for creating an open line for my son and I, the world opened up. I told my son that having contact with him was important to me and that I would get him a phone. What surprised me most is that he went and got his own phone. We can call each other whenever we want and I no longer feel angry or resentful.

What have you noticed about taking responsibility? Have you had any ‘aha’ moments that changed your life? What suggestions do you have to facilitate this shift in consciousness? Please share….

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