Do You Know How To Live Your Life Purpose?


Just stop sabotaging yourself.

Yeah, easier said than done, right?  But, once you know what you are doing that prevents you from living your Life Purpose, you will have the most important tool necessary for transformation:  Awareness!

Without awareness, you engage in behaviors that don’t serve you.  When you know what those behaviors are, you can consciously choose to continue them or replace them for ones that do serve you.

The power is in your awareness.

One day I saw a woman walk out of a restroom.  There was toilet paper dragging from her skirt, and her skirt was tucked into her stockings.  The horror, right?

Of course, I told her; and she was grateful.  How far do you think she would have gone if she hadn’t become aware of this little embarrassment?  What do you think she did when she became aware of her butt showing?  Her awareness changed everything.  And that’s what it’s like living our Life Purpose.

I can see what you’re doing, and I’m going to make you aware, so you can stop it.


Lots of damage is done by making excuses

Every time you make an excuse you give your power away to the excuse.  You become a victim to the reasons “why” you can’t or won’t do something.  You need to take your power back from your excuses, so you can live your Life Purpose.  Here’s how you can start:

Change all of your “I have to’s….” into “I choose to’s.”

You’ll find a ton of them.  As you become aware of them, make the change.  See how it feels in your body when you give your power to the self-sabotaging excuse “I have to.”

We want to share everything we have with you!

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