Do You Have Enough Money?.. Lets Manifest!

Time or Money?

  • Do you find yourself wanting more? Are you always in lack, wishing, hoping, praying for more?
  • Do you know what is holding you back and why financial abundance isn’t in your pocket?

CK has called me a natural manifester. It’s true. I’m able to bring things to me as I need them, and money is one of the tools I use to bring other desires into my life.

Maybe you don’t even want the money for you…..but wouldn’t it be nice to be able to have enough to give away as you wished ?

How do I do it? It’s a combination of thinking, doing, and releasing emotions.

What are my tricks and tips? Join me and CK as we discuss money issues and how they relate to manifesting your life dreams on internet radio every Friday Morning at 9:00 MST in February.

Click below to listen live and call in with your questions and comments. Missed the live show? Download or listen to the taped show at your convenience.

Be a guest and call in! (646) 378 1381

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