My Inspiration This Week from Others Who Live Their Divine Purpose

I’m Inspired! I’m Touched. I’m Choosing, I’m Listening.

This week I’ve been tuning in and reading posts that call me to live my own authentic life. When I’m touched by others, it isn’t usually because of the words themselves, but it is who they are that shines through.

Can you tell when someone is living from their heart? I can. These are people who are living their lives with passion and purpose. Just by being who they are, they call us to do the same.

Here are just a few of the people who’ve inspired me this week.

Stephen at Adversity University

Corinne At Personal Growth with Corinne Edwards

  • I helped Corinne from Personal Growth with Corinne Edwards, get videos up on YouTube of a famous Gang Chief she interviewed in jail, right before he went to prison. Corinne tells me that she keeps in touch and he is still finding ways to help others stay out of gangs. Do you think Michael is living his purpose? Can he still make a difference from prison?

Liz Strauss from Successful and Outstanding Blogger

  • Do you angst over every choice as a life-changing decision? Take a look at what you’re investing — time, energy, stress — and what you’re investing in.
  • Do you avoid clear decisions by treating them like choices? Take a look at the options you’re holding onto and how they’re holding you in place.

Slade Roberson from Spiritual Blogging

  • I love a guy who can speak from his heart. (Who doesn’t?) Slade from Spiritual Blogging opens up about speaking with his authentic voice – how he hasn’t been writing from his heart and now how he will….. I’ve been inspired by Slade since I discovered his two blogs, (Shift Your Spirits and Spiritual Blogging) but this post makes me reflect on my own voice and how I use it – and don’t. Oh, and if you are into Google and Search engines etc, read about his SEO windfall in the comment section. – Too Funny!

What touches your heart? Who inspires you to live a life of passion and purpose? Share your thoughts below!

Creative Commons License photo credit: SheilaTostes

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