Divine Purpose Awaits! The Significant Events In Your Life Have A Purpose!


Maybe all that “stuff” happened so you could live your Life Purpose!

Why not?  I mean do you really want to go through your entire life thinking that all that %*#^  happened for no good reason?  If you’re someone who has been using the excuse of what happened to you to not do what you want with your life, then maybe it’s time to let that all go.

It’s not about condoning abuse.

Letting it all go does not mean that whatever happened was okay.  It does not mean that if someone hurt you, that you are saying it’s okay what they did to you.  What I’m talking about is radical in that you are simply not going to use past events to impede you any longer.  It means that you will commit yourself to discovering the gifts in your circumstances and move toward using them to benefit others.

The significant events in your life do have a purpose… and that doesn’t mean that if they are negative events that you just go “lala” along pretending you’re not wounded.  It means that you take whatever actions that are needed to heal your past, extract the wisdom from the events, and move powerfuly toward your authentic expression.

Get the support you need!  Hire a Life Purpose Coach.

You might ask yourself, “How do I find my Life Purpose?”  It’s moving out of limitation.  A coach can help you move beyond your limitations and empower you into a new perspective around your circumstances shifting our paradigm forever.  You just need to decide when you are ready to step into your next highest expression and then go for it!  Your Divine Purpose is waiting to be expressed!  Fully and unrestrained!

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