Divine Life Purpose Classes and Workshops

Summer is coming to a close and it is time for CK and I to get back to work teaching, speaking and facilitating! There are many things already scheduled. We are going to be starting up our classes on Wednesday mornings again in Manitou Springs Colorado; we are speaking at 2 conferences in Denver and in Colorado Springs and we have our Divine Purpose Unveiled Workshop in October.

We want to stay connected with you, however we won’t announce most things here on the website so if you are interested in hearing about our local classes, where we will be and when, please sign up to our email list that announces our classes, workshops and speaking engagements. (Local for us is Colorado and the surrounding states. But you can join us no matter where you live.)

You’ll only get an email when there is something new happening, and as always, you can easily unsubscribe whenever you choose. It’s your email account and we want you to be in control of it!

So, to be notified, please sign up to this Events List here

(If you are reading this via email or some feeds, you’ll have to click over to the site to sign up.) Blessings.

May you Live with Purpose

Michelle and CK

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