Danger! Your Life Purpose Wants Something From You!

I often get asked if you can have more than one purpose or if it changes throughout your life.

I’ve come to the conclusion that your purpose is represented by an energy that can get get expressed in many ways.  Even to the extent that it feels like a completely different purpose.  Or perhaps the word changes as you gain more awareness of what your purpose is to you.  Here’s an example:

Let’s say my purpose is to empower.  If you knew me when I was five or six, you would have caught me taking care of my dollies.  You would have seen me give  my dolly away to a neighbor girl who didn’t have her own, and then showing her how to care for her new dolly.  When I got a little older, you would have seen me sticking up for the kids being bullied.  I showed them how to say no to someone hurting them.  When I became a parent myself, you would have seen me encourage my children to talk for themselves by ordering their own meals.  And today I coach people to take responsibility for creating a life of purpose and passion; I teach them how to say “Yes!” to themselves.

Is Life Purpose subjective?

You may see something entirely different than I do, and admittedly it takes some contemplation to connect to one’s purpose.  I empowered a little girl to nurture a dolly.  I empowered kids on the playground to stick up for themselves by showing them how to stop abuse.  I empowered my children to be self-referencing.  And today I empower people to step into their next highest expression…to unveil, unleash, and manifest their purpose into a physical representation of it.  Maybe you see something different?  Maybe the activities in my life could have been called something different.  They have been… many times.

Conscious exploration of your Life’s Purpose needs to be backed up by your actions.

There is a big difference between thinking about living a life of purpose and actually living a life of purpose.  One is a dream that you will never attain.  The other is backed by actions you take on a daily basis.  One will leave you feeling like you’re missing something.  You will think, “There must be something more to life than this.”  The other will give you comfort in your soul (as you acknowledge there is more to life than this) that you are expanding and moving and growing into your purpose-filled life.  It’s a process, and not a painless process.  In both, you are living your purpose, but one is a dabbling and the other is consciously taking steps toward aligning with your purpose.

As you explore and acknowledge what you desire from life, you will need to make some hard decisions.  Sometimes those decisions will mean giving up things you love.  Sometimes those things will be people.
Sometimes it will hurt very much and you will feel like giving up.  Don’t!  As you flow with life, you will find that everything that is taking place supports you living your life of purpose.  Remember that, even when you are hurting inside.  Even when you feel like you are dying.  Don’t block the energy that wants to come to you.  Surrender to the flow of life and you will meet the people that help you along the way.  Surrender to the flow of life and you will be amazed at the expansiveness of the Universe and how incredibly supported you are.  Surrender to the flow of life and you will find that you are living your life’s purpose in ways you never thought possible.

Living your Soul’s Purpose is not for sissy’s!

It’s easier to spend your days in the shopping mall.  It’s easier to take care of everyone else than it is to nurture your own purpose.  It’s easier to sleep…or eat…or watch T.V. than to live your life’s purpose.  On some level you know that once you get a solid confirmation of why you are here, you will have to do something about it.  That’s why it’s easier to numb out or to dabble in your life here a little and there a little.  You know what a commitment will mean for you and you’d rather support someone else in their life than focus on your own.  Are you spending all your time on the soccer field?

You know what it takes, are you ready to make a commitment to yourself?  Today?  How much longer are you going to play small?  How much longer are you going to settle?  If you’ve already made a commitment to yourself, when are you going to bump it up a notch?  When you’re ready to gift yourself with the support you need, call me.  Or call someone else.  I don’t care, just get it together!

Your purpose is going to keep at you until you surrender to it.

Stop making it difficult for yourself and make those tough choices.  Clear out everything that’s standing between you and your life of purpose; even if it’s a thought form.  If life is not as effortless as you would like it to be, look what you’re fighting.  What choices are you being forced to make?  What choices are you irritated at having to make?  Could this be your purpose nagging you?  Could these choices actually bring you closer to your Life’s Purpose?  How about surrendering to what you know you need to do.  It will be okay.  It might not feel like it now, but it will be okay.

Let adversity be part of your path to living your life purpose.

Over at Marc and Angel Hack Life, I read Your Life’s Story Told in One Sentence. (Worth the read.) One commenter summed up his life in two short sentences: “Now get up.  One more round.” Sometimes it will feel like another round.  At times your Life Purpose will require more from you than you think you can give, but the benefits will be wild beyond your imagination.  The next time life hits you with a hard choice, instead of giving up, ask yourself this one important question:  What is my Life’s Purpose asking of me today?  Then give it what it needs.

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