Conscious Livelihood Coaching Program

Michelle’s year of entrepreneurial experience blending with 20 years of spiritual and holistic exploration can now help you build the life of your dreams smashing Purpose, Passion and Profits together.

This program takes the best from her Conscious Business, Holistic Marketing and Finding Purpose courses and puts the highlights together in a 6 session format to help you live and breathe your Conscious Livelihood. – Finding a way to live your purpose through your work.

Who is this program for?

  • Anyone who is looking for a new way to make some money using their passions
  • Small business owners and holistic practitioners who are ready to grow their business
  • Ex-employees who have been downsized, fired or let go due to the economy or quit due to discontent

What’s your benefit and what will you get?

  • Clarity on your purpose and how to express it in the world.
  • Brainstorming sessions that are down to earth, realistic, and allow for your biggest dreams.
  • A step by step action plan – that comes from your heart

The program works this way:

Michelle will set up an initial phone call for 30 – 60 minutes to ask you questions and find out your thoughts, then she’ll follow up with an email and worksheet for you to fill out.

The second 30 minute phone call will be scheduled within the week, and homework assigned.

Four more 30 min sessions will be scheduled based upon your results, worksheets and homework assigned.

Last session will discuss progress, vision for the future, plans and any follow up required.

Cost?  Only $375.00 order now! Pay with paypal or credit card.

To find out more about Michelle Vandepas, please read her bio.