Do You Need Confirmation of Your Life Purpose?

Many of you know that Michelle hosts a radio show.

I hardly know except that she tells me she has a radio show every time I call to see what’s next and she says, “I can’t do that today, I’ve got a radio show.”  I think it’s okay because she doesn’t know when I’m writing, except when I tell her, “I’m busy writing.”  Michelle is the speaker and I’m the writer.  We’ve come upon that by Divine allowing.  A natural emergence of our purpose and hearts desires.

Megan Riley offered free Purpose Readings after one of Michelle’s recent shows.

So, I forget all about the radio show and Michelle calls me up right after and tells me to quick sign up for a free reading with Megan.  Which I did, because it involved writing (it didn’t matter to me that it was in a sign up form–I’m a writer!).  I had my reading today and I swear Michelle told her everything to say.  Big mouth!  If she did tell Megan about me (she didn’t, but if she did) I forgive her because she’s a speaker!  She can’t help herself.

If you are open, the Universe will confirm to you everything you already know.

Megan went through each of my chakras and there were a few things she said that brought peace to my heart and confirmation that I’m on the right path.  Megan told me that there would be lots of writing for me this next year.  Lots of printed material.  Lots of speeches (I can write them, if Michelle will say them).  A book maybe several e-books.  Workshop writing materials. etc. etc. etc.

She said that if I temper what I have to say, it won’t have the same power.  I know I’ve just started opening up and I hope you’re ready for what comes out of my fingers.  She said a lot more about writing and how important it is for me this next year, and how my writing will open up other possibilities.  I knew that!  And it felt great to receive such a powerful confirmation.

I’m going to tell you a secret about myself.

I’ve been scared to write.  I’ve been scared to say the wrong thing.  I’ve been scared to push people away or to come on too strong.  I’ve been scared to hurt someone with my ruthlessly compassionate ways.  I can’t hold back any longer.  I know one of my gifts is to say what needs to be said, to say what has not been said, to say what is there–in the space.  I’ve received confirmation of a big part of my Divine Purpose.  I’m willing to give up my fear to live my purpose more fully.  You can call me on it!

What Megan surely didn’t know.

  • I’ve been saying 2009 is all about writing.  I’ve got blogging, workshop materials, e-books, and a published book to write this year.
  • I’m a columnist.  My first article is due this Friday, January 2, 2009.  How exciting for me!
  • I’ve been receiving confirmation that I need to write everyday from several different sources.

Writing is my new spiritual practice.

I’m making a commitment to myself to write for 2 hours everyday.  I’ll give myself one day off a week, but that day is not planned.  It’s my down day.  I don’t have to take it, but I can.

This is a sacred acknowledgment and commitment I am making.  I know I need to write.  I know!  I share this with you to empower you to step into what you know you need to do this next year.  When you make a commitment to live your purpose more fully, doors will open for you.  I made the powerful commitment that I am a writer and then I got a call from the editor of the Portland Leader.  I didn’t wait for the call and then say I was a writer.  It doesn’t work that way.  Make your commitment and then the Universe responds.

What do you need to commit to?

There is some experience you desire for this next year and in order to have this experience it will take your unwavering commitment.  Your commitment is the action you take.  Does this make sense?  Here’s how it works:

  • Identify the experience you’d like to have.
  • Make a commitment to yourself that you will have that experience.
  • Follow your commitment with consistent actions leading you to that experience.
  • Keep taking actions even if you feel like giving up.  Even if it feels like it’s not happening fast enough.

You can’t wait for something to happen, you have to take steps to move in a direction.  It’s better if it’s a direction of your choosing.

Will you share with me what your purpose is?  And one way you desire to express it this year?

I’d like to hear your commitment.  Right here on this blog.  Right here in public.  Be bold!  Answer me these few things:

  • What is your purpose?
  • Tell me one way you can express it in 2009.
  • Name one action you can take everyday that will lead you to fully expressing your purpose in 2009.
  • Tell me one obstacle that might stand in your way.  Is it a fear?  or a belief?
  • Commit to giving up the obstacle–publicly.
  • Ask someone to hold you accountable–choose a supportive ally to help you move into your full expression.

You can’t help but live your purpose. 

It’s all around you and it’s like it’s tugging at your skirt tails.  You know this.  You know the truth inside of you that points you in the direction of your most blessed life.  When are you going to listen?  When are you going to take the risks?  When are you going to surrender to your “Yes?”  If you need confirmation of what you already know, then I highly recommend a reading with Megan Riley.  You will get an extra bonus and learn things you didn’t know; things you need to open up to.