Community Call

September 4th Community Call


Sign up here for our Community Call September 4th 6pm pacific

Summer is the time we spend having fun with our kids, family and friends; traveling to exotic places, visiting family, camping and fishing on the lake, baseball games and barbeques – the list goes on!  Yet summer is also a time where we tend to sacrifice our time and focus on others, often leaving us feeling a bit depleted.

With kids back to school and having a fresh start, Back to School – Back to Me! is an invitation to have a fresh start with YOU.  In this community call you will you will be guided to discover strategies that are designed specifically for you to re-connect with yourself and the next steps you can take that will open you to a more delicious experience of yourself and your life.

Our discussion will include:

  • 3 easy ways to replenish myself.
  • Who do I want to “be” beginning today?
  • What are the qualities I can develop that will most serve me?
  • How can I refuel my life and passions?

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