Carlos Santana Lives His Divine Purpose

Carlos Santana and Divine Purpose

You can do something from your heart, make a difference in the world and still be profitable. Just give it back because you can’t take it with you.

 That says it all don’t you think?

Carlos Santana, a Spiritually complex man was interviewed over on Jam Base recently. 

You hit one note and everybody gets off their seats, they start looking at each other and then they got chills. You see women crying and laughing and dancing, and you go into this kind of holy revival. And they’re not faking it, man. They’re possessed because you’re possessed. I’m very grateful to God that I have seen this many, many times, that the band goes into this from the first note and then we go, okay, this is going to be good. That’s the barometer, and we know that a two-hour or three-hour concert is going to feel like fifteen seconds, because the first thing that happens when something spiritual assaults the place [is] time disappears, gravity disappears, issues disappear.

I’ve seen Santana in concert. He’s right. As the audience we become part of the music during his show. Everything disappears and we all become one.

He’s connected with his heart. Even if he couldn’t play music I suspect he’d still be living his Divine Purpose.

Read this terrific interview Spirit Talk with Carlos Santana over on Jam Base.

Many Thanks to Kayceman for writing this article.  Photo credit to Jam Base.

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