Can Anyone, Even Athiests, Live Their Divine Purpose?

hold your desire gently

Today I’m taking part in an interview carnival of sorts. Neil over on Citizen of the Month put out a challenge to his readers to interview each other. I got these questions from Rob, who asked me to publish my comments here, instead of on his political blog. So,here are Rob’s questions, and my answers all about Living Your Divine Purpose:

Rob: A lot of things on your site seem to have some personal relevance for me. Last year, I quit a job that I hated and moved clear across the country to teach low-income kids in a rural area of North Carolina. I don’t know if I would go as far as saying that teaching is my “divine purpose,” but it is nice to wake up and think that what you are doing matters to somebody in the world. Do you really think we all have a divine purpose? If so, how many people do you think really ever find that, or are willing to act on it if they do?

Michelle: Everyone has a Divine Purpose, but your work in life, or job, doesn’t always collide with your purpose. I like to support people in finding their own spiritual gifts and talents, and use those exactly where they are now, without having to move to India, give away all their possessions, or change jobs. When are are living our purpose, with consciousness, while accepting exactly where we are, only then can we move towards a life that gives you everything you want and need. Seems esoteric? What are your gifts? Can you write? connect with people? Be understanding? Play? Once you tap into the gifts, and really follow the flow to keep you connected, then things seems to magically open up.

I love that you took a huge step and ‘went for it’ to take on a job that you’d love. Now the trick is to discover what it is that you love about teaching. Is it the children? Teaching? Learning? Tap into what really makes your heart sing and keep going back to that thread. Doing so will help you stay connected with the service and the love you have of teaching.

You are correct though, not everyone will find the courage to follow their purpose.  Sometimes it seems to easy for us to see what other people’s steps might be, but when it comes to ourselves, we tend to play it safe.  When we can listen to our own hearts and intuition, and really trust what we hear, then we’ll follow our passions, which will lead us to our purpose.

Rob: Is running your site a full-time job? There seems to be an incredible amount of information on your site in many different forms including videos, podcasts etc. I guess you need to do all that stuff to be competitive, but I just wonder when you sleep!

Michelle: Yes yes yes! This is my full time job, full time life. My passion my purpose – my Divine Purpose if you will. I’m cramming all the work into part time hours, but living it 100% of my time. I also facilitate passion workshops and corporate trainings, do interviews on the Live Your Purpose radio show.

Rob: How much does religion play a part in what you do? Just the name of your business itself has serious religious overtones, but I don’t see much else on your site that suggests that.

Michelle: The work I do has no religion attached to it, although you can be religious and still do this work. I’m a Doctor of Divinity, and my non denominational degree is focused at mind body and spirit working together. I am spiritual, and trust that we do have a purpose to our lives. My theology and terminology may sound different when I’m talking with some from other diverse religious backgrounds, but I can always find common ground.

Rob: Terms like conscious business and holistic marketing almost seem oxymoronic to me in some ways. Care to shed some light on these concepts?

Michelle: For me the bottom line when working with small business is to incorporate intuition, heart, mind and timing……When we can be clear about our intentions, and then look around at the reality of what IS, then we can start to change. For instance, if someone has a Day Spa, and hates to sell, they’ll never really have financial abundance. I work with digging deep into the spiritual gifts to help the Day Spa owner find it inside herself to sell with her heart – basically sharing information and connecting with people. She has to feel the value she brings to others, and then share that. I also help work out money issues people have and the feeling that we can or can’t do stuff because our money controls us. I love to ask: Does your money control you? Do you control your money? Are you in partnership with your money? What kind of money relationship do you have?

Rob: Do you really believe that visualizing something (like having more money) tends to make it happen faster? I am all for working hard and having a positive attitude, but many people today seem to look for a book like “The Secret” to solve their financial problems. Personally, I just don’t see how your thoughts could possibly change anything in and of themselves, unless they lead to actions.

Michelle: I love this question! So timely. The Law of Attraction as shown in The Secret, is just one of many tools you can use to create what you want in your life. The basic steps are visualizing, feeling, affirming, writing, accepting, allowing. Of course you must also take action, but there is a fine line between pushing so hard and fast that it will run away, and gently moving toward what you want. Think of it this way: If you’ve got a friend who is continually needy and pushing you to do always do what they want, when they want it, on their terms, eventually you’ll run in the other direction. It is the same with things we want to attract. We’ve got to become attractive first. Offering up the invite, but not pushing so hard we become needy. Follow up with conscious action. Gentle nudging. Listen to your own clues. Use your intuition. Follow the energy. Move forward. One step at a time. If you hold sand in the palm of your hand, you have to hold it gently. If you grip too tight it will escape through your fingers and there is nothing you can do but let it go. Or let loose.

Rob: Do Atheists have a divine purpose too? If so, do you believe they can be truly happy if they consciously reject their calling?

Michelle: Everyone has a Divine Purpose. Atheists may call it something different. Talents; Innate gifts, Passions, Hobbies. If you follow these things, they’ll eventually lead to your purpose. We all live our purpose, we can’t run from it. We just don’t always recognize what it looks like.

Rob: If we all have a divine purpose, why doesn’t God just tell us what it is so we can get on with it? Why do you think people need to spend their whole lives searching for the things that will bring meaning to their lives?

Michelle: God has told us. Our ego, our doubt, our unworthiness, our lack of trust gets in the way. We all know. Deep deep inside we know what we are here to do. We just don’t want to listen. Its too big, or too easy, or too boring. (I couldn’t be here to be a good listener, or to create beautiful food, or to speak to 1,000 people in church. Not Me. That couldn’t be my purpose. ) Yet when we tap into one thread that has always been present in our lives, and see the connection with our purpose, it is never boring or big or easy. It just is. And we follow. And trust.

So, ……What is Your Divine Purpose Rob?

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