“My Sacred Life Retreat” with Leila Reyes, CICP

Empowered women empower the world!

In my own journey with personal empowerment, I’ve experienced common issues that challenge our self-esteem, showing up in the form of depression, lack of fulfillment, and a settling for less than what we truly want for ourselves.  It’s been my personal mission to support you in reinventing your life, embracing your sacredness, taking full ownership of your life, and living an inspired and authentic expression of your heart.

I am inviting a few women to join me for a special, sacred, and intimate retreat weekend January 18th – January 20th to help you reinvent your life.  The focus of this weekend will be to deeply connect with yourself, to embrace your magnificence, and to be witnessed in claiming your deepest desires. I’m limiting this women’s circle to eight women, to deeply celebrate, honor, and acknowledge your Sacred Life; we will nurture, rejuvenate, and replenish our life force; we will vision for the coming year and witness each other in owning our dreams.

  • Imagine being embraced by the elements of nature – rolling hills, beautiful trees, and the waters of the San Francisco Bay.
  • Imagine taking the time to restore yourself with community, music, art, ritual, and taking the time to unplug, be still, and clear away whatever depletes you.
  • Imagine having time to breathe, walk, laugh, explore and think about what is between you and where you want to be living your life fully and authentically.
  • Imagine connecting with your inner source of strength, wisdom, creativity, and voice that we all have and experience a sense of peace and gratitude.

It’s time for sisterhood, for resting; for bodies, hearts and souls to stretch, dance and tend to themselves and each other.  It’s time for reverence, for sharing, for revealing and for listening; time for fresh air, for Mother Nature, for honesty and honoring.  It is time to unburden ourselves and leave feeling lighter, with a sense of clarity, peace, and well-being. 

I’ve come to know that it’s people – and our relationship is one of those sacred relationships that change the world. I’m honored that you’ve entrusted me with your heart; the witnessing of your transformation has been a beautiful gift that I value immensely.  Join me for the next step in taking ownership of your authentic life.

Since this is an intimate gathering, you will need to complete the life assessment and have an intake session with me to be considered for the weekend.  Sign up on the right to take the assessment and schedule your session the first week in January.