3 Simple but powerful choices to help you Reinvent Your Life Today!

1.  Stop Before Making Unconscious Interpretations.  One of the most powerful choices we can make is in our interpretations.  We may not feel we have control over them, because we often are in reaction to the circumstances of our lives, but when we stop and take a step back we will clearly see our interpretations, not the circumstances we find ourselves in, are the source of our joy and our despair.  

We’re always interpreting.  We do it unconsciously all day long.  One person will interpret losing their job as the end of the world and another will interpret it as the opportunity they’ve been praying for.  I’m asking you to engage in an activity that brings consciousness to your thoughts in a way that will totally reinvent your life.

Do this simple journaling exercise to help you reinvent your life:  What are some of the most challenging circumstances of your past?  Choose 2-3 from 2012.  How are you interpreting these events?  Whose fault is it?  What did you lose as a result?  Contemplate: If you were to view these events as a gift  designed to evolve your soul, how would you describe them then?  What did you learn as a result?

2.  Look Back, Don’t Look Back!  All too often we look back and only see what’s missing.  It’s painful to not accomplish what we set out to or to have to acknowledge that we never really followed through with what we said we wanted to.  If we employ choice #1, then we won’t interpret our assessment as a negative, but as an opportunity to evolve.  Look back to take stock of your life and your accomplishments and identify what you want to create for your future, but don’t look back to beat yourself up – it will only get you more of the same.

Assessment plays an important roll in identifying the gap between where you’ve been and where you want to go.  The trick is to look back without making anything you discover mean anything about you.

3.  Live your life as if today were the last day AND as if you would live forever!  This conscious choice will allow you to both be spontaneous and open to the wonders of life and be responsible for planning and preparing for your future.  If you only life for today, then you will let yourself down because you won’t feel the need to grow and develop yourself.  If you live only for the future, then you will miss out on experiencing the joy and pleasure that life is supposed to be.

Make these 3 choices everyday and you will:

  • Deepen your relationships with yourself and others
  • Only do things that ultimately bring you personal joy and fulfillment
  • Live in a state of appreciation and gratitude for the gift your life is
  • Make a meaningful contribution in alignment with your passion.