Become an affiliate or JV partner

The Divine Purpose Unveiled e-course is re-launching!
We’d love for you to consider coming on board as a JV partner or as an affiliate for this unique opportunity!  However, time is of the essence.  We are launching this product this week!
If you have a bonus to offer on the sales page, we need to know about it now – so we have time to preview it and get it online. (We are accepting bonus gifts that are compatible with our course, and from affiliates who will promote our course to their list- I’m am happy to discuss this with you – call me! 719-527-1404)
To sign up as an affiliate please go to the Mihamba affiliate sign up form here:

This 20 week comprehensive course includes

  • Self-directed lessons
  • Group coaching calls led by myself and CK
  • E-mail support from Life Purpose facilitators
  • Online journaling software to keep track of your progress
  • LOTS of resources and guest speakers

…everything we’ve brought together is designed to connect people with their life purpose.  If you have a bonus you would like to offer that is directly related to life purpose, we’d love to consider it.

a result of employing a variety of teaching methods (kinesthetic,
visual, auditory, and mental exercises) we are able to reach a wider
learning style.

CK and I figure that you will intuitively know if this partnership is a
match for you.  If it is, we need to get moving on it quickly as the
program launches on November 5th and the sales page will only be up for one week.
If you decide to participate, the first step is to register as an affiliate with the Mi Hamba Affiliate Program as they will be facilitating the sale of this course. Mi Hamba will provide a unique link to send to your list.  You will receive a 30% commission on the course
when someone you referred purchases.  The course is
$985.00 (5 monthly installments of $197) or $788.00 if paid in full
(20% discount).  So commissions are $295.50 and $236.40 respectively.
If you decide to join us, you would promote the preview call we have on November 5th at 6pm pacific (9pm eastern).  You can promote to your
list/Facebook/Twitter/etc.  For your perusal, the call sign up page is

Here is a link to the (not quite ready) sales page Please don’t share it with anyone until you have your affiliate link so you can get full credit for the sale.

After the preview call we will provide you a series of e-mails that you can use to promote the class.

If you have questions about the affiliate program, contact me at 719-527-1404 or michelle@
or if you have a product that fits with the topic of Life Purpose that you would like to include as a bonus.

and email to be considered to be included on our sales page with your bonus gift.

We are excited!  And hope you join us!

Michelle Vandepas