Assess 2011 & Make 2012 Your Best Year Ever!

Taking Stock of 2011 — What are Your Successes and Challenges?
As each year culminates in celebration with friends and family – I take time to asses the previous year.  It’s a time for us to acknowledge our successes, to celebrate the potential we’ve grown into, and to plan for our next evolution.  It’s a time to evaluate if we’ve lived true to our values and intentions and to look deeply at what’s still missing and causing us pain.

EVALUATE 2011 with these questions:
Consider each area of your life including your career, family life, living situation, spiritual & personal development, health & well-being, and fun & leisure, and finances.

What are you most satisfied with about your experience with 2011?  What would you most like to change?
What area of your life did you most attend to, and what result did you create?
Was there any area of your life that you avoided dealing with or just didn’t give the attention it needed?
What values did you stay true to?
Which ones tripped you up or left you feeling disappointed and out of  personal integrity?

Here is what made 2011 one of my BEST YEARS!

FUN AND LEISURE: This year I traveled to Thailand and Africa.  I traveled on two trips this year.  In March I went to Thailand and got kissed by a baby elephant.  I met some lovely people including Aon, a top guides who took care of us like royalty!  We took a long tail boat into Klong Seang to a remote lake with 1000m karst and stayed on a floating raft house.  Even in the middle of wildlife sanctuaries, the food was that of a 5-star restaurant.  We visited Tiger Kingdom and the experience of lying down with tigers is nothing less than exhilerating.  The islands at Ko Taratau are breathtaking and the sand was like powder between my toes.Being outside of my familiar surroundings opened my heart and I’ll be sharing more of my joy and pain around what I experienced.

FAMILY: 2011 started with my fathers kidney transplant and is ending with my mother having the same surgery.  My parents have been on dialysis and unable to leave home without considerable planning.  Now they are (mostly) free to enjoy their lives in ways they had forgotten possible.  My appreciation and gratitude for my family, and for the preciousness of life, is a gift that I’m reminded of everyday when I open my eyes.  There is certainly plenty to complain – and worry about – with our world in the economic crisis it’s in, and how far we have to go to bring our environment back into balance let alone the personal concerns of the direction our lives are taking – or not taking fast enough!  However, the experience with my family this past year reminds me to take a breath and remember the things that really matter to me – like love and compassion and vulnerability that can grow us into our next highest evolution.

The worst of 2011 for me!
A few years ago, I moved back to California to be with my grandmother in her final years.  Caring for my grandmother, and being with her when she took her last breath, was one of my most treasured experiences.

The upside is that I’ve gone through my own personal evolution and I’m excited to share with you in a much more intimate and powerful way.  I’ve developed new and exciting programs and breathed life into some ideas I’ve had help you make 2012 your BEST YEAR ever.  I’m excited to share them with you.

Here are a few offerings to help you start 2012 off ON PURPOSE!

Monthly LIFE PURPOSE Community Calls. I’ve been holding purpose community calls for the last several months now and would love to have you join me.  I do not have an agenda for these calls – bring your purpose questions and dilemmas and let me help you stay on purpose with some personalized coaching during the call. (Sign up for our next Community Call December 6th)

Life Purpose Assessment & Life Purpose Alignment Consultation. Designed to align you with your purpose and get you on a track to make 2012 your best year, this assessment will take at least 30 minutes to complete.  I’ve created it to provide a lot of value to you and so approach it as a commitment to your future happiness and success.  I fill this out each year and learn something new about myself, so even if you’ve taken the assessment already, consider taking it again.  The accompanying consultation will help you align your life with your purpose.

Jump Start Your Purpose Group Coaching. Coalesce your Life Purpose Assessment and Consultation during this 6-week group coaching process designed as an affordable alternative to private coaching.  Experience your purpose taking shape and form as you make powerful choices to manifest in ways you never thought possible.

BEST YEAR Private Coaching. A whole life makeover in just 16 short weeks.  Developed by world-renowned author, trainer, and seminar leader, Debbie Ford.  Best Year coaching is a proven process that has helped thousands of individuals completely reinvent themselves and live purposeful lives.  If you’ve been wishing for a new life, now is the time to make it happen.  Get personalized and focused attention and direction and make 2012 Your BEST YEAR ever!

What made 2011 great for you? and what will make 2012 your Best Year ever!  I want to hear your successes and challenges. Share what you created in past years and what you still yearn to create.  What would you need to commit to this next year to reinvent your life and really get what you want.  Bring your comments to our community call and let everyone benefit from your insights.

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