How To Ask For Help… Let’s Play a Game!

A humble request for help!

I have been taught that my clients will only go as deeply as I am willing to go.  I believe that if I am to advise you to ask for help when you need it, then I must logically humble myself and ask for help when I need it.  So, I sent an e-mail a couple days ago desperately asking for help.  Thanks to Sauna Lady, I am consciously choosing to reach out to you to get what I need.  My intention is that we all get something that we need through asking for help from at least one other person.  Let’s make it fun and call it a game.  Sometimes all we need is permission to do something new, and  I formally give you permission to ask for help!

Asking for help with a twist!

This is a way for you to change your beliefs about asking for help.  It’s a way for you to have a different experience of asking for what you want or need.  This is a way for you to consciously ask for help and then pay attention to what happens inside your body.  It’s a way of changing your entire life for the better, just through making a simple request and then paying attention.

Here’s how it works

We are going to ask for help….  I mean you too!  Breathe…  It doesn’t have to be something big, because it’s the experience of asking for help that we are wanting to create; we need to askfor help when we aren’t in crisis, so it will be easier to ask for help when we are.  There a just a few steps…

  1. I will ask you for something I need and then you’ll do whatever is in your power to help me.  If you aren’t the right person to help me, then keep your eyes open for who is and ask them to help.
  2. Then ask someone for help with something you need and ask them to do whatever they can to help you.
  3. Then ask them to do the same thing.
  4. Share your experience in the comments below.

This is a pay it forward game, except it’s a little weird.  You can copy the 4 steps above and ask your readers or friends or colleagues or whomever to put it in their campaign for asking for help.  Remember to include this paragraph also, so the next group of help seekers get the directions, or you could just link back to this post.  Be sure to have the people you are asking for help read Sauna Lady, so they get it!

A request for help….

We need stories of people engaged in Conscious Livelihood for our new series that will run at least through the end of the year.  While we have plenty of submissions from outside this website, we would love to include what our readers have to say about Conscious Livelihood.  If you are willing to participate in sharing your experience of Conscious Livelihood in print or interview or video contact Michelle as soon as possible.

How do I know if I am able to help?

  • Have you created, or are you in the process of, creating your own business?
  • Do you, or someone you know, use your intuition in daily life?
  • Do you change, or know someone who changes, direction with no apparent reason in their working life?
  • Do you have, or know someone who has, multiple streams of income?
  • Do you follow a specific passion or purpose, or know someone who does?

If you fit in any of the categories above, we want to hear from you…

What’s in it for me?  What do I get out of helping?

  • Your submission may be included in our upcoming book and we will link back to you or your website.
  • You can be interviewed on the Live Your Purpose Radio show to promote your Conscious Livelihood.
  • You may be video-taped on the Conscious Livelihood Series.
  • You get to change the way you feel about asking for help.

What specifically do you need?

  • Inspirational stories up to 500 words on people who are creating their livelihood in innovative and unconventional ways.
  • Guest posts from people who are engaged in Conscious Livelihood (400-700 words).
  • Interesting people to interview on radio and video

Okay, so what do you think?  How do you feel?  Pay attention to how you feel playing this game.  Wow!  this is going to be fun!

How to get started:

Take a few minutes to get quiet.  Close your eyes and consider your life as it is today.  Allow one thing you could use help with to wander into your consious awareness.  Maybe it’s mowing the lawn or cooking a meal.  Maybe it’s cutting your toenails or brushing your hair.  Maybe you need help organizing a room or painting a wall.  Maybe you could do all these things yourself, but know you would breathe a sigh of relief if you had help with the laundry today or didn’t have to pick up that gallon of milk.

I moved one time, just after splitting up with my husband.  I had lots of help from people I knew loading up the moving van, but when I got to my new city I didn’t know anyone.  I asked for help from the local church and only one person showed up.  If I didn’t ask for help that day, I would have had to move my entire household myself.  It was overwhelming with the help I did get.  What help do you need?

Now ask…

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