Are You Ready For A Change That’ll Knock Your Socks Off?

2009 the year of change

I had a birthday January 3rd.

Every year of my life someone else has planned my birthday.  Sometimes I had a party, sometimes an intimate gathering, sometimes an outing.  I expected it.  I enjoyed it.  I looked forward to it.  This year was different; it was a change.

In quiet meditation I had a vision emerge and this year I planned my own celebration.  I invited my friend Kim Miller, owner of Om and Garden Yoga Studio, to lead an hour long class and meditation.  I asked my friend William to put together an hour long movement and dance segment.  My friend Sigolene (a family constellation facilitator) offered to share a group drawing.  I asked everyone to bring some food to share…  I asked them to pray over the food as they prepared it.  The evening was in silence.  Sorta.

This same day I committed to a 40 day yoga meditation.

I’m on day 10; sometimes I get up at 5:30am to keep my commitment and sometimes I go to bed later than I prefer.  The meditation I am doing is for change.  I fold into a rag doll and release everything that no longer serves my highest good.  I reach up to the heavens and open to the abundance all around me.  I complain.  I cry.  I sit in peace.  And then I do it all over again as I call forward the change that allows me to live a higher expression of myself.  I do it all over again as I call forward the change that allows me to connect with you in the intention of you living your life purpose.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the concept of change and I’ve decided I’m all for it.

Change is inevitable; it will happen with or without your consent.  Things happen.  Wrists break.  Cars slide off the roads.  Relationships change.  I personally can’t wait for the snow to melt and spring to bring the baby animals to life.  Moves.  Changes of jobs.  Look at your baby pictures… There’s nothing you can do to stop the change.  You can resist the change and have a miserable experience or you can accept the changes as they come and adjust to them…even thrive!  What if the only reason for change was to lead you to a higher vision?  a higher engagement and expression of your purpose… Maybe the change you’ve experienced in your life is really your wake up call.

Being open to change is what makes it possible to have a positive experience.

Hindsight confirms that change teaches us…that change benefits us.  So, what if we were to not only accept the changes in our lives, but welcome them and their messages?  Change informs us.  Change invites us to new perspectives… to a gentler relationship with ourselves.

My experience with change is opening me up to new ideas, possibilities, and opportunities.

I have tons of ideas.  Michelle and I are going to make lots of changes in the coming weeks.  We are going to change our website.  We are going to start a real newsletter.  (I’m going to write it.)

Have you thought about change in relation to your vision?

I have.  This is the most exciting part of change for me…. Look at your vision for your life this next year (you can look out 3-5 years if one year seems too overwhelming), and get in touch with what you want your life to look like.  Now be real honest with yourself and notice what needs to change in your life, in your world, in your relationships, or in your way of thinking in order to bring about this vision for your life.

You need to have a vision of what you want so you can compare it with what you have.

Once you have a vision you can look at your current circumstances and determine what changes you need to make to bring about your vision.  It will be very important for you to know what needs to change, because then you can take the actions that naturally lead to the life you want to create.  I have a vision of a huge party with all my clients, readers, colleagues together in the same room.  I have deep and meaningful connections with wonderful people around the world.  My circle of influence enlarges every day.  You are an integral member of my circle.

Here are some things that need to change for me and the actions I can take to ensure that change happens…

  • Reading Marcus Buckingham confirmed that I’m a relator.  The first thing I want to do when making a connection is go deeper.  I want to connect with you!  I want to have a relationship with you.  In my vision, I empower everyone one I meet…  I inspire people to live a grander version of themselves.  I give people permission to love and accept themselves exactly as they are.  All through connecting… Does your life change with what I write?  Does your vision become clearer to you by being in relationship with me?  How can I support you?  How can I empower you.
  • How can I let you know that I really care about you.  Yes, YOU!  Let me know what I can do, because I will take the action that demonstrates my caring.  And I want you at my party!
  • We want to make it easier to use our website, so we’re changing it.
  • By next week we will have a cleaner website.  You will be able to find what you’re looking for easier than before.
  • I’m going to start the newsletter…  a real one that I write regularly.
  • I want to share what I know about living a life of purpose.  Having a newsletter will allow me to give you tips and suggestions for unveiling and manifesting your spiritual gifts.  It will provide a venue to connect with each other.  I love it!  And it’s a great way to send invitations to my gala event, in which you are a most wanted guest.

What changes do you need to make?

If you want to lose twenty pounds, what changes do you need to make in your daily choices?

If you want to have a healthier relationship, what changes to you need to make in your relationship with yourself?

What are the changes you need to make that’ll knock your socks off?

What changes do you need to make that naturally lead to a lifestyle that fits with someone living a life of purpose and passion?  What kind of life do you want, what changes do you need to make to have this life?

None of this matters unless you are willing to take the actions that lead to the changes you want to experience.  Are you resisting the changes because you are afraid?  Are you pretending that the choices you are making now will lead you to what you desire, even though you know they won’t?  Are you ready to step beyond your limitations?

Here’s what I’m willing to let go of.

A limitation I’ve placed on myself is around being in front of the camera.  “I’m not a speaker,” I tell myself.  I’m not confident in front of the camera….  Okay, I have a huge amount of fear on this topic and I’m willing to let go of my fear, if you are.  I will just fold forward and release this fear that no longer serves me.  I will stand up and open to the abundant connections I will make as a result.

What are you willing to release to allow the changes you want in your life?

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