AIQ Achivements – Stanley Bronstein Book Review & Audio

When I heard about Stanely Bronstein – Mr Achievement, and his books about living with purpose I knew I had to find out more. Stanley has a remarkable story himself, but what is fascinating is how he has managed to accomplish everything he’s set out to do:

One night while sitting in a law school class, I took out a piece of paper and wrote out a list of everything I wanted to accomplish over the next 20 years. I wrote down everything I believed I would accomplish, no matter how crazy it may have seemed at the time. The funny part is that 20 years later, I have accomplished virtually everything on that list, and a lot more, that I never dreamt of at the time.

Stanely’s latest book, AIQ Achievements, is a cute and inspiring book .  There are 50 stories of ordinary people living and doing extraordinary things. Some of the people in the book you may have heard of, but mostly they are regular people, living their lives, with interesting stories about living with purpose and passion.

An AIQ moment is a life changing AHAH moment. We all have them. Maybe it was a profound moment as in Stanley’s case when his mother died, or perhaps it is something smaller, like enjoying a moment in the sunlight and having the realization that THIS IS IT – This IS your life!  Whatever your AHAH moment, take them and use them to better your experience here on earth.

So, to be inspired, read Stanley Bronsteins newest book, IQ Achivements, Listen to the podcast when I interviewed Stanley on the Live Your Purpose Radio and then buy the book from his site. It is a fast read, and you’ll enjoy the stories.


Oh, and Here are his other books:

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