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I’m (CK) Leila Reyes and I can help you transform your life!

I know that as you find compassion and love for the shame that has lived inside of you and limited your ability to  share your spiritual gifts, you will access your most authentic self.  There is no way that you cannot love this magnificent part of who you are, but you will need to love and honor your deepest shame as well.   As you begin to love the parts of yourself that you’ve disowned, your life will become incredibly delicious and what once was not even a possibility will become limitless.  That’s really juicy and I’d like to invite you into that space.


There is one thing that we all have in common.  It’s a deep wounding that informs us that we aren’t enough or that we aren’t lovable or worthy.  It’s called shame, and we do our best to hide it so no one will see the qualities that we feel that shame for. Debbie Ford’s movie, The Shadow Effect, is a great tool to use to start to reveal your shame.

The damage of your shame!

Shame shows up in many ways, but is always manifested in a limitation of your potential.  Most damaging, shame limits your potential to experience joy and to go for the experiences you want in life.  Shame will color your relationships with your friends, your family, and your lovers.  Shame alters the experience you have with your own body and your authentic expression in life; shame is the dam that slows or stops your sexuality from being expressed as a natural and normal part of who you are.

Healing your shame

The benefits of healing your shame are endless, so take a moment to imagine the possibilities right now.  What would be possible for you allowed yourself to heal your shame?  I’ll share a few ideas with you:

  • You would feel so good about who you are that you would step into your limitless potential. (yes, I know…  Since it’s limitless, the possibilities will match your desire; just keep taking your next step.)
  • You would deliver your unique contribution to humanity.  (Yeah, it’s big!  And it’s so much easier to find your Life Purpose when you have faced your shame head on.)

I would LOVE to share my gifts with you.

The more willing I am to share myself through my spiritual gifts, the more there is that shows up.  I feel so excited at the possibility of sharing with you in a co-creative process empowering you to step into your next highest expression I can hardly contain myself.  It is so necessary that you allow yourself to be seen; all the light and the dark of who you are; it is a matter of life and death–especially if you want to live a life of purpose and passion.  Whatever you desire to create in your life, if you haven’t been able to manifest it, has an element of shame attached to it.  I can hold you and witness you as you change your relationship with yourself, and it would be a privilege and an honor to join you in this process.

Shame keeps you from looking for my own passion in the wants and needs of others, but as you release the shame  a magical thing happens–You will find a compassion and love inside yourself that allows you to come back to yourself and experience the joy of life.

Without releasing your shame it is virtually impossible to express yourself authentically.  Stepping into an authentic expression of who you are may be the most difficult thing you’ve ever done, but it will be the most rewarding.  With each step you take there will be more of you available, and that is very exciting.

A process

As you learn more of who you are, more will begin to emerge.  I trust this completely.  What I’ve noticed personally is that our deepest shame is our greatest gift, and in that spirit I invite you into an experience of having your humanity held in such a way that your shame will be the healing balm that allows you to step into the wholeness of your being.  And really,  all it takes to share your gifts is to allow for your wholeness to be seen.

I know that it can be scary, to not only feel the shame that has held you back, but to see it and admit it out loud.  The places where you are judging yourself or others needs to be seen with compassion.  I can help you do that.

Coaching is a partnership and requires a commitment from us both.

It will be necessary for you to be..

  • Willing to take radical action to alter your inner world so the outer expression shows that change.
  • Ready to unveil your light and manifest its gifts as a powerful expression of the Divine.
  • Committed to replacing blame and excuses with self love and forgiveness.
  • At a point in your life when you must say yes to your intuition.
  • Ready to take the risks necessary to love yourself.
  • Vulnerable enough to share your shame with me.

I commit to…

  • Confidentiality.  Transformation requires a safe place to try new ways of being in the world, and it is my commitment to keep confidentiality.
  • Co-creating a safe place for you transform your life.
  • Being ruthlessly compassionate.  In order to be the most powerful tool possible, I will need to tell the truth, even when I know you don’t want to hear it.  I commit to being ruthlessly compassionate with you and never judging you for where you are or any of the choices you’ve made in life or for anything that has happened to you.

Coaching Methods

I use a lot of Debbie Ford’s work and coach a couple processes that she developed.  I LOVE them!  I find her work incredibly empowering.  I usually work one-on-one coaching, but I also facilitate groups.  It is important to find the right match for you, so I would love to invest some time and explore the possibility of working together.

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I received my BA in Psychology at JFK University in Campbell, California and my Integrative Coaching Training and Certification in conjunction with The Ford Institute of Integrative Coaching. In 2008, I received my Spiritual Divorce designation from the same organization and I am currently taking new clients through this 13 week process in which you use the pain of your relationship or loss as a catalyst to create an extraordinary life.  You will heal your heart in a way that opens you up to experiencing the meaning and success you desire for your life.