A Gratitude List Will Change Your Life!


Are you grateful? We are….. But it is an ongoing, everyday process. Being grateful…

You can’t be grateful just one time, you must get up everyday and exclaim what you are grateful for.

Over time, if not immediately, you will feel a change in your body.  Listen to your body as I share two different ways to start your day.

Oh, G-d another day!  I have so much to do, I’ll never get it all done.  I’m so busy.

All this may be true, but it sounds like complaining…  Did I tell you, I don’t do well with complaining?  It sounds so “victimy.”  If you complain a lot, I can help you move from being a victim of your life to being the powerful co-creator of your life. Gratitude is a part of the shift.

Gratitude has a different energy.  Feel this:

I am so grateful that I have this day to create my life exactly as I want it to be.  I am so grateful for the projects I have and I relationships I’m creating.  My days are full and I am blessed.

When you start your gratitude journal, start with things you are grateful for.  Maybe you are writing just 10 per day… Don’t repeat them the next day.  Very soon you will notice how much of this life you’ve been taking for granted.

I am so happy and grateful now that…

I have a deep and meaningful connection with the Divine empowering women to experience self-love and compassion that motivates the conscious productive engagement of one’s Life Purpose resulting in Peace on Earth!

That statement is the result of all the other “things” I’m grateful for.  My gratitude allows me to open up to expressing my Life Purpose into the world in many ways.

Michelle and I have met some amazing people while doing this blog thing.  We have learned a lot and we have connected with some fabulous people…. Here are some you might want to meet.  We are reaching out  to those we are grateful for. They have all generously supported Divine Purpose Unleashed over the past year.  And they all have something important to say.  If I haven’t said it, they have…

Albert over at Urban Monk is one of our favorite personal development bloggers.  Not only does he talk about one of my favorite topics, the importance of setting personal boundaries, he helped us with some of the graphics on our website.  Thank you Albert!

Terry Starbucker brings to life one of my favorite conversations in a letter to fear.  This is a must read for every human being.  When we can understand fear and how it manipulate us into living small, we can take our power back from the fear that has held us hostage.  Thank you Terry!

Corinne Edwards is an icon.  She has shared all her experience and information and resources on radio and television with Michelle.  Corinne had her own television show with over a million viewers.  Thank you Corinne for being so generous with your time and talents.  She has shared with us what really matters.  We appreciate you!

AmyL over at Ernest Parenting has brought her passion and purpose to the internet.  An amazing mother of 4 is able to show us how to go with the flow…  She shares her reading list with us.  Maybe there are some tips for any of you parents out there.

Spatially Relevant put stalking into perspective for us so we could understand why you would even want someone to follow you.  Apparently following people on-line is a good thing.  Now when someone says they are following us, we can say, “Thank you,”  instead of “Stop it!”  Boy this sure was helpful.  Thank you!

Robert at Reason 4 Smile, has a successful way of looking at programs you participate in.  He has shared his insights that the work continues beyond the work.  If you allow the coaching you receive to continue after hanging up the phone, you will experience the work at a deeper level.  This bleeds over to workshops or even reading a blog.  Thank you Robert!

Lance at Jungle of life shows us how moving through fear is a sign of personal growth.  Lance confirms that you have a potential within you and moving through fear is how you can release that potential.  How do you move through fear?  Or do you stay stuck?  What are you more committed to?  Your fear or your potential?  Thanks Lance for pointing this out!

Melissa at Melissa Thinks Outloud has supported us by naming us as one of her favorite blogs.  Melissa shares her inspiration, simply by sharing her thoughts…  Thank you Melissa!

Nania horses…  share their love of horses.  If you want to see famous horses, this is the place to do it!  Thank you for the work you do with and for horses!

Karen Aristide at Birthing the Dream has taken heart-based marketing to a deeper level.  Thank you Karen, for making relationships first.

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