7 Questions to Ask When You’re Sick-Think Different Challenge

Think Different Challenge - Divine Purpose

I like to think differently to stir myself up and challenge myself to grow. That’s why when this Think Different Challenge came up I jumped at the chance to participate.

Whenever I feel stuck about something I’ll try to look at it from another angle. “What if”, I’ll ask myself. What if this has a deeper meaning? What if this situation was for my better good, rather than a disaster. What if this is all part of a higher purpose.

As I write this I’m sick. Here I am, a speaker, teacher, and facilitator and I’ve got laryngitis. I wrote to my friend Corinne Edwards:

“What does it mean when I’m a speaker and can’t speak? Is it my inner child trying to break free? Should I be doing Reiki on myself , clearing my communication channel? Maybe I should ask my spirit guides what is going on? Or is it that I’m speaking on the wrong subjects? Is my fear getting in the way? Have I gotten sick because I’m scared of success? Perhaps I must speak louder, take a stronger position? Tell me, Corinne, Why did I get sick? Am I sabotaging my dreams?”

My down to earth yet spiritual friend answered:

“Because you are human.”

Human. Something deep inside resonated with me. Maybe that is all there is to the essence of finding our Divine Purpose? Does it all rest with the humanness of daily life? Humm, Maybe our Divine Purpose comes from being human?

Sometimes in the searching, in the figuring it all out, we forget that living is a moment-by-moment process. That getting sick may have lots of deeper meanings, but the fact is I’m still sick and I’ve got to go to bed for a couple of days and take care of myself.

Maybe I’ll get the lessons around my cold, or maybe not. What matters is that I’m in the moment, living life fully, participating even when I’m sick. I’m living in my humaness, therefore living my Divine Purpose.

Here are 7 things to ask yourself next time you are sick:

  1. Do I need to stop and rest?
  2. What is my body trying to tell me?
  3. If my cold where my friend, what would it be saying to me? (substitute cold for your actual illness in the moment)
  4. How can I best take care of myself this moment.
  5. What advice would I give to my friend with this illness – (then take that advice yourself!)
  6. What if my illness were in my highest good?
  7. How can I best find joy in this moment?

What questions might you add to this conversation?



This post was part of the Think Differently Challenge. I was tagged by Never The Same River Twice blog who also wrote about being ill.

Peter over on I will change your life.com started this great challenge. Thanks Peter.

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