3 Ways Adversity Confirmed My Life Purpose!

Life's purpose on a bad day?

As you may have noticed, this site, Divine Purpose Unleashed went down. For two very long days when you would come to this site you’d get just text, or worse, and error message. Nothing I seemed to do could save the site.

For two long days I backedup, restored, uninstalled, prayed and cried. None of it worked.

It was a bad couple of days for me.

For two long days I talked to friends, researched on the web and contacted my host so many times I am now dreaming their phone number in my sleep.

I even hired Dawud to help me brainstorm. He was very helpful, and gave me lots of ideas to try, but it turned out to be a problem file buried deep way down in the site that I had to delete – and couldn’t! A very strange weird fluke of a problem.

I tend to analyze the energy of things. What did this mean? Was I supposed to take a break from the site? Are there hidden deeper meanings around the site going down? Evil forces at work perhaps?

Can you imagine? Me, self-proclaimed blog junkie, internet addict, tweaker of blogsites…without my main blog to play on?


I did what I know to do in times of stress.

  • I walked
  • I played with my daughter
  • I watched the birds

and in the midst of it all I remembered to enjoy the moment. I slowed down. I Knew that eventually this site would come back up, somehow, and in the meantime I wouldn’t let it control my whole life.

So as you can see this site is now up again, and I’m happy back online, tweaking, playing and twittering with friends.

What is the confirmation that I’m on track with my purpose?

  • I loved trying to figure out what was wrong with the site. Even though I was frustrated, I was also in my element. Searching code for what could be wrong.
  • Since I couldn’t be on my site I went and set up a friends site for her new Ayurvedic Organic Clothing line. Still playing with a website, just not mine.
  • I had faith all would be OK. I knew intuitively I’d find the answer, and I did.

Now my whole purpose in life isn’t coding websites or writing for this blog. Of course not. My life purpose is also connected to Spirituality, Family, Teaching and personal interests. But I know I get a lot of joy building websites for friends.

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