3 TIPS On How to Create a GOLD MEDAL Life!


I LOVE the Olympics!  The close of the 2012 Olympics inspired me to ask, “What does it take to live a GOLD MEDAL Life?  What a thrill to hold a Gold Medal and know you gave it your all – and WON!  What an empowering experience to be fully invested in what matters most to you.

Even though you’re not in ‘competition’ with anyone except yourself, I’m thrilled to share what I’ve learned about how a silver or bronze just won’t cut it.

Over the next few weeks, I’m going to share several actions you can take to ensure you live a GOLD MEDAL Life!  Please join me in taking the actions I suggest and sharing your experience here.


Many people feel frustrated with the lack of fulfillment they experience in at least one area of their life.  This frustration can evolve into anxiety and depression.  It can snowball effecting your self-esteem, your happiness, your relationships, and even your health.

You can lose your standing on the podium (a disaster to any Olympian) when your willingness to put yourself into your own life is compromised.  You might experience a giving up or settling for less than the Gold Medal life you want.  This is a vicious cycle and you can lose touch with essence of who you are – you can lose touch with yourself and why you’re here.  Disastrous!


  1. Make a list of 100 things you can do that move you, inspire you, or get your creative juices going.  If you can’t think of 100, then remember back to your childhood.  Ask friends, family, or co-workers what they do to get their creative juices flowing.
  2. Choose at least 3 items on your list that you are willing to take action on during the next week.
  3. Share some of the items on your list and what action you take.

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