3 Simple Steps to a Purpose-Filled Relationship Breakup

Relationship Breakup & Unfulfilled Purpose

Many people come here to reconnect with their passions and to find meaning and purpose in a life well lived.  When going through a relationship breakup up our sense of purpose can be deeply affected.  We can be thrown off course when our relationships are in transition. We can lose productivity and focus and direction.  If we’re experiencing a relationship transition during the holidays, it can be particularly challenging.  ….such a happy time and we’re not happy!

There are 3 simple steps to a purpose-filled relationship breakup that can bring you some joy in your heartache.  I can help you pick up the pieces one small step at a time and totally reinvent your life.  I’ve been through a relationship breakup during the holidays and so I know what it takes to come home to yourself, reconnect with your joy, and get back on track to a delicious life, and I’ve started a 6-week free course, so we can take those first few steps together!  Come over to Divine Purpose Unleashed on Facebook, and take the challenge with me.  Here’s what my friend, Marci Shimoff, the author of Happy For No Reason has to say about the course:

FINDING PURPOSE In Your Relationship Breakup

The deepest work we can do is around our relationships – whether it’s with ourselves, a significant other, or with a colleague – relationships grow us!  And this growth will lead us directly to living what matters most to us.  Going through a relationship breakup is a powerful time  for self-reflection and personal growth.  I’ll help you find a little joy during this holiday season, and if you want to find the purpose in your relationship breakup, I can help with that too!  Simply take the Life Purpose Assessment on the right, include your phone number, and we’ll schedule a complimentary session.


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