3 Reasons Why You Should Unveil Your Purpose

Okay, so your life is going well. Right? Why rock the boat? After all if you unveil your purpose, everything will change, won’t it?  What is that, fear speaking?

Go ahead and let fear control you once again. It’s true–everything will change.  Just not in the way you imagine.  What I’m saying is: you need to choose whether to let fear keep you from the one thing in your life that guarantees your fulfillment.


Unveiling your purpose, and then living it, is the only thing you can do that will provide you with consistent fulfillment in your life.  All the searching outside of yourself is a waste of time.  You need to come back to yourself.  Inside yourself to discover what and who you are.  A common question people ask is, “Who Am I?” Then we go and ask others to show us and tell us who we are.  Like the little bird that goes around asking the question, “Are You My Mother?” to which the answer is inevitably, “NO, I am not your mother.”  Like the little bird asking everyone else who his mother is, you seek outside acknowledgment of what lives inside of you.  You don’t need anyone to validate your innate qualities, you just need to be able to see them.  When you unveil your purpose, you will discover the innate qualities that you are here to share in service of others.

Whether sharing your gifts is your intention or motivation or not, when you unveil your purpose, you will discover the innate qualities that you are here to share.   You will share them.  There is nothing you can do to hold them back, because they will feel so natural and so a part of your expression that you can’t help but “be that.”  The biggest secret you will discover is that you’re already living your purpose in some fashion; you just haven’t been able to see it.  Perhaps you’ve even been feeling resentful toward the people you’re sharing your purpose with.  That’s a tricky one.  Here’s my example:

My purpose is to teach concepts that change peoples lives. (If you’ve heard me say something different, I’m not lying to you, I’m just getting clearer.)  I feel the most fulfilled when I am teaching.  It can be through writing, classes, workshops, or even talking with a friend.  I feel strong when I am teaching concepts that change peoples lives.  (Michelle says I have to explain what concepts means–it’s not clear enough.)  Here’s a concept: How to treat CK; it’s a simple concept. There have been times when I’ve been angry and frustrated because I shouldn’t have to teach this group of people this concept.  Resentment is high when I am disconnected from my purpose of teaching.  However, when I can just look at the facts, I can be inspired to teach people how to treat me.  From this new perspective, it makes sense.  I don’t need resentment or blame.  It’s a simple concept and why on earth would I expect people to already know how to treat me?  After all, I’ve treated myself poorly enough in the past, haven’t I?  Why shouldn’t others follow my lead?  When I approach the situation from the perspective of living my purpose, I simply teach the concept and everyone’s lives change.  (It’s just an example….does it make sense?)

When you frame your everyday actions in the context of how you’re living your purpose, your life flows better and you’ll engage your life from an empowered place.  Personal fulfillment is the result of bringing your passion for who and what you are into every action and reaction of your life.


Yes, Michelle will disagree with me on this one too.

But, I stand by my statement!  When you know what your purpose is, you will stop the struggle to find what is missing in your life.  Here’s another secret:  When you unveil your purpose you can surrender to the most natural way for you to be in this world.  If you find that you are here to ‘play’ you can stop struggling against your purpose and bring play into all areas of your life.  The only thing you will have to fight with is your mind that says, “My purpose must be something else,” or “It’s that easy?  It can’t be!”  Well, I am here to exclaim, IT IS THAT EASY!  It’s only the lenses you are looking through that tells you the lie that is needs to be hard or it needs to be something bigger (in your mind) than what it is.  What if you found that your purpose is to smile?  Too puny of a purpose?  NO!

Okay, let’s take Mother Teresa.  What was her purpose?  To care for the poor?  Maybe it was compassion?  She chose to live her purpose in one way.  How many ways are there for one to live out the same purpose?  Ten?  A thousand?  Probably more ways than you can count.

I have a secret!

I am filled with secrets today and this one is a real secret so be sure to tell everyone.  Stop comparing yourself!  Just be yourself and let the energies that yearn for expression to have a clear path to manifestation.  Stop standing in the way of the magnificence of who you are.


If you’re having any trouble with moving forward in your life, unveiling your purpose will provide a focus point for you to direct your energy and create the life you desire.  Do you need to know what your purpose is to move forward?  No, not really.  Like I said in the beginning everything is okay in your life, right?  But if you’re feeling like you’re living below your potential (trust me, we all are), and you desire more for your life than you currently express, you will benefit from this powerful bit of information.


Of course I want you to participate in our Unveil Your Purpose E-course or the next weekend workshop we facilitate, but honestly the most important thing to me is that you Unveil Your Purpose!  We have tools and support and accountability for discovering and then manifesting your purpose once you unveil it, so…

Why would I refer you to other people?

Because it’s important to me, personally, that you unveil your purpose.  I know that when you really get why you are here, then you will share the energies inside of you with others.  You will feel happier and more fulfilled.  You will experience a peace inside of your soul that you are doing what you came here to do.  You will naturally share your gifts with the world.  You will continue the journey of uncovering the golden gift that you are.  Wow!  That turns me on.  You want to know why?  Because when you are doing that, others will do it too.  And together we’ll be creating peace on earth.  I don’t have delusions.  I refuse to believe that job is too difficult for us.  It can be as easy as living your purpose.  In fact, it is that easy.  No-one can talk me out of that.  When I teach concepts that change peoples lives, the people I’ve taught change the world.  Who am I to not believe that?  Who am I to doubt the power of our intention?  Who am I to live my purpose and think it doesn’t affect you?  All I ask is that you prove me right!

Here are some sources to help you Unveil Your Purpose

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