3 Foundational Steps To Living Your Divine Purpose

3 steps to living your Divine Purpose

Whether you are right on track with where you want to be in living your Divine Purpose or you’re not even close, or, even if you are somewhere in the middle where sometimes you feel like you are in the flow and everything is going your way and sometimes you wonder:

What just happened?

1. Know what your purpose is. Knowing your purpose allows for you to focus your energy on what you are creating in the world. Notice that I didn’t say you don’t have a Divine Purpose or that you aren’t living it. You already are! Bring some awareness to what your purpose might be.

2. Get Support! You might think you need to do everything by yourself, but the universe is waiting to support you in your Divine Purpose. All you have to do is ask! There is a ton of support out there for you. Look to friends, family, and professional support–make the commitment to give yourself support so you don’t end up three or five years down the road wanting the same things.

3. Trust! okay, trust and breathe!
Create a foundation. January is Foundation Month at Divine Purpose Unleashed. Visit Michelle Friday mornings at 9am MST on her Unleash radio show. Join us January 18th for our weekend workshop or come to Black Cat Books on Wednesday mornings and meet with others who are committed to their purpose just like you!

What are some other steps you’ve taken this year to help you manifest your purpose in life?
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