100 Ways to Birth Your Entrepreneurial Dream! Part 3 of 5


Just one suggestion today:  BE WILLING TO CHANGE!

You might think you know everything, but even if you have clarity in your mind and heart about your path you need to be willing to let it all go.  Each day is a new day and you need to show up fresh, open to the opportunities presenting themselves.  You need to be willing to not know anything, so that you can be aware of the openings that the Divine is making available to you.

Your stubbornness to stay with what you know can add years to your efforts in finding fulfillment.  Your belief that you are ‘right’ about everything can hold you back from the very things you desire.

Taking your next step is an act of faith!

Remember that each step you take, each decision you make, will open or close doors and in that opening/closing you will have an entirely new reality.  This is why it’s so important to take one step at a time.  You must be totally present to what is–to what is happening in your life and your internal world–so you don’t find yourself back on automatic pilot living a shell of a life, getting no-where except where you’ve been.

Living your life in faith is like walking in the dark.

Have you ever done that?  In pitch black.  One time I put on a blindfold and went out into the mountains at night.  I wasn’t real familiar with the terrain and so it was imperative for my safety to take one step at a time.  I felt my way to my destination–one that I couldn’t even see!  I get how scary that is, I would never have gone out in the dark if it weren’t for the urging of a workshop facilitator!  I learned I could do into the dark and not die!

When you are living your life in faith, you know that you are being divinely guided–led to the light to live your life purpose.  When you take your steps–one at a time–you can be assured that you are listening to God’s direction.  You don’t have to figure anything out when you are in the listening of Divine Guidance.

If you want something different, change is necessary!

When you are walking the path of Divine Guidance, you will be called to change direction.  Sometimes you will be asked to take a 180 degree turn and other times you will simply need to make a minor course correction, but in either case you can rest in the awareness that God only wants what’s best for you.  In this magical place, you will know that no matter what happens, no matter what choices you make (or others make), no matter what doors open or close, you are being guided to your highest expression and your most fulfilled life.

It is the resistance to the change that causes you so much pain.  When things happen that you don’t like or understand, or that hurt you it is easy to blame, point fingers, or make justifications; don’t do that!  Welcome the change and you will see possibility where there were only brick walls.


Friday night Michelle and I screened Debbie Ford’s movie, The Shadow Effect, and then had a going away party for me.  I’m moving (tomorrow) to California to assist my sister in caring for our 86-year-old grandma.  This is a big change.  Michelle and I won’t be having our morning walk business meetings or hours of sitting side-by-side chatting each other on g-mail, developing material for our courses.  We’ll be having a long-distance relationship!

The need for grandma’s care to be ramped up occurred while I was in California for the summer.  I’ve been back in Colorado for about 10 days now and Michelle and I have been allowing for this change to take place.  New ideas have been pouring in!  Yes, just in our willingness to change.  Here are some changes we know about (remember that can change).

  • I will join Michelle’s radio show, Live Your Purpose Radio, and you can receive live coaching each Tuesday at noon pacific/3pm eastern
  • In a flash of insight (during a dinner Michelle attended) we changed the focus of our coaching.  We don’t serve Entrepreneur’s.  They know how to create a business, because that’s what they do!  We help professionals go out on their own.  (Same work with a name change.)

My Clients Change

With each client that I enter into a relationship with, I’m awed by the change that takes place in their lives.  The key ingredient that is present with each person is their willingness!  Without willingness, nothing will ever change.  I received this testimonial from a client name Wendy.  Four years ago she lost her husband to suicide.  His decision to take his life impacted the lives of many people.  My client’s willingness to change enabled her to bring her family’s life back into balance.  I am in awe of her courage and I am deeply humbled and honored to have walked a short path with her.

After the tragic loss of my soul mate the pain and guilt was too much to bear.  I woke up and performed my life’s tasks, but I disengaged from life; vowing to never allow life to hurt me that way again.  I was incapable of making the simplest of relationships work much less the difficult ones like 3 growing boys struggling to understand why their dad had been taken.

I truly believe God knew I had hit rock bottom and I was walking a dangerous line to a place that would only lead my family to further heartache.  Through the four months I have worked with CK my life has completely shifted.  Where there once was pain, frustration, loneliness, and guilt, there is now peace, love, acceptance, and shear joy.

Through our work, difficult and exhausting as it was at times, has helped me to heal wounds I truly thought would eventually consume me.  I’ve begun to re-engage back into my life.  For the first time in four years my children and I are laughing again.  My relationships with my mom, sisters, friends, co-workers, and yes new husband have taken on a new deeper, richer meaning.

Things happen in all of our lives but when we learn that we have choices and we can choose to not be the victim anymore.  We can choose how we view the world and those in it.  it opens a door to a part of ourselves (and others) that is truly amazing and magnificent.

Thank you CK for not giving me my life back, but helping me to create a better one!  Words cannot express how grateful and blessed I feel that you were placed in my path.  I find joy everyday because you have helped me to clear out the pain.  There’s room to be happy now.  I’m not just surviving anymore, I’m living!  And when the hurts come, I’ll be stronger and greater for them.  My life now has a meaningful purpose.

Change is unpredictable!

Some changes occur when you are actively seeking them.  Perhaps you look around your life and notice what needs to change.  Maybe you make a decision to leave a relationship, or you decide to move across country, or change careers.  Sometimes change slaps you in the face and you need to make some decisions while the sting is still burning on your cheek.  Maybe the change you are making is exciting and you don’t understand why things are so easy.  Some change you can control, but most you cannot!  But you can control (take responsibility) for how you respond to the change.  And the best you can do is be in the flow of your life; going with the currents–cutting into the bank as your life makes it’s mark on this earth and the lives of the people you touch.

I highly suggest embracing the Law of Choice by allowing change to direct you so that instead of becoming stuck in a cycle of anger, resentment, depression and/or self-abuse you can embrace what life has to offer you.


Explore coaching with CK and make the changes you need to create a life you love!

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