100 Ways To Birth Your Entrepreneurial Dream! Part 2 of 5

Robert Henru takes big risk to live his dream!

My on-line friend, Robert from Singapore at Reason4Smile sent me an e-mail telling me that he quit his job and is going for his dream!  Robert became an overnight Entrepreneur!  Immediately, I knew you needed to hear what he has to say.   I asked him to share 25 of his best tips for birthing an Entrepreneurial Dream!  (You can click the link above and see what he wrote to motivate me to ask him to share his wisdom)  Here are Robert’s tips for living your Divine Life Purpose!

1.  Walk in faith. Entrepreneurship is a walk of faith. As a Christian, I put my faith and confidence in God. The core of my business has to be my relationship with God.

2.  Listen to your heart. If there is something that makes you uncomfortable or takes too much of your attention, if you have unmet longings and desire, look inside.  What is your heart telling you? What have you changed? What is the best direction to go? Sometimes it’s the call to the birth of entrepreneurship.

3.  Put your heart and body together. We normally have a sense of distress when our heart and mind are not in the same place as our body.  It’s the indication that something needs to be changed. Entrepreneurship is not the only way, but we have to make decision. Either we change our attitude to stay productive in our current work, or we bring our body to follow our heart and passion.

4.  Make mistakes. I’m a pretty accidental entrepreneur.  I planned for it, but it was earlier than what I expected. According to Robert Kiyosaki in his book, Before You Quit Your Job, entrepreneurs are encouraged to make mistakes. Not so with the employee, they are paid to not make mistakes. Entrepreneurs can use that privilege and learn even faster from their mistakes.

5.  Silence regret & worry, the first few days in the new journey. I still have some regrets on how naive I am. I wished to resign when things are more certain. I worried how I will make the ends meet. But that is not helpful at all. The more I worried, the more petrified I became in doing the job.

6.  Embrace the next step in your life. You cannot change your past, so embrace the next thing in your life. Entrepreneurship has a lot to do with uncertainty, so be comfortable with it, and stay faithful.

7.  Don’t be ashamed of entrepreneurship. I bumped into an ex-colleague on my first day of my entrepreneurship. That day, I didn’t dare tell her that I’m out of job. I regretted that and since then I changed my mindset.  I can proudly say I am a new entrepreneur, a freelancer, and open for any project/partnership opportunity.

8. Be prepared to see your (real) self. Or you can say your shadow. We sometimes make excuses that our boss was wrong, our colleagues made mistakes, and so on. But as an entrepreneur, there is no one you can point to.  You can’t blame anyone else, so be prepared to take responsibility of yourself, fully!

9.  Love yourself. Despite many flaws and mistakes you did, stay in love to yourself. You made mistakes, but it doesn’t surprise God.  It’s just the beginning, so be patient with yourself.

10.  Take one step at a time. A new entrepreneur has a lot of things to learn. The future is big, looking at it can be overwhelming, the amount of work to be done can be huge. Don’t be distracted by that, focus on taking one step at a time. Here is a good song from Jordin Spark on one step at a time.

11.  Embrace the curriculum of life. In life, we are all faced with lessons. Believe that all things will work together, it’s a series of courses you are taking and it’s a useful course.  Embrace your new journey! Enjoy it! With a big smile!

12.  Discipline. Yup, taking responsibility for ourselves involves taking the responsibility to change our habits.  Commit to using your time wisely, making more productive habits, and avoiding your tendency to be distracted.

13.  Run. Do you know the 2 keys of life? According to Will Smith, it is reading and running.  Reading to learn, and running to defeat the tired self within yourself.  If you can defeat him, you can also motivate him to do something when he’s not feeling like doing it.  One day I slept only for 3 hours to wake up and run.  Initially I thought that it’s impossible, it’s crazy, I am tired, I won’t be able to run, but I was wrong, I can still run.

14.  Upgrade your skill. Entrepreneurs are long-life learners, so read and keep on looking for something to learn or to make you better.  It’s also how you can extend your service to meet more needs.

15.  Sing. When I am stressed out, I’ll usually sing loudly. Some uplifting or worship songs will do. Normally I’ll do it in my bathroom after a long day of work. But now, I can do it while I’m working from home. I hope my neighbors will not complain. Don’t take it as merely singing, it can be a declaration of your faith, a declaration of what you believe, and the better future you will see.

16.  Be grateful of the closed doors. I had some plan when resigning from my job and starting something on my own.  But that plan did not work out.  I was upset, but eventually I was thankful, because when I stop looking at that closed door, I notice that other open doors and opportunities are there.

17.  Focus on the relationship. The entrepreneurship really humbled me.  I could no longer force my own will because I need them.  I can’t blame my friend for the closed door.  I will need to focus on maintaining the relationship.  You’ll never know that the relationship will bring you other open doors.

18.  Don’t look for the money. I heard one Indonesian motivational speaker, Mario Teguh, said, “Don’t look for money when you’re between 25 to 35, look at how you can learn and contribute.  People will then give you money.  When you have passed that, you will then become an expert, and then, you can set your price high.”

19.  Create a vision for your business. I’d like to recommend the book Flying Solo by Robert Gerrish and Sam Leader. This book taught me step-by-step process in forming the vision of my solo-preneurship. The vision of my business is to create web/software solutions that can help people live life with ease and smile. I want to partner with book authors in developing software to help their readers make their new habits.

20.  Find a need, meet the need. In my first few weeks, I literally took any jobs with a short term commitment that could help me sustain my income.  I even took a part-time job, with hourly pay, in something not related to IT at all.

21.  Delay innovation. When we start our business, we normally think of something innovative and unique.  We want to create a brand new market and needs.  One lesson from the book Flying Solo is to delay innovation.  Start with providing something that the market already needs. Provide some slight unique proposition value.  Something small, but noticeable will do.

22.  Save. Find a new way to save, like considering cooking your own food, buy cheaper things, and question yourself two to three times before you decided to buy something.

23.  Utilize and expand your network. Look at the list of your contacts, and consider what you can help them with.  Keep expanding your network, to see more people.  Don’t look at them as a customer, but a potential business partner.  Make a name card, it’s even better with your photo on it, to help them remember you even better.

24.  Prioritize. After 3 weeks in my entrepreneurship, I actually see more opportunities and things that I can do more than what I can handle.  Eventually you have to prioritize what is important to you, and what will help you to achieve your long-term goal and vision.

25.  Pray and meditate. Eventually, I will have to come back to my spiritual commitment, my dependence on God. And my relationship with Him is much more important than my business, and I need guidance in my steps and decisions, everyday of my life.

You can thank Robert for his wisdom and insight in our comments below or head over to his site at Reason4Smile.

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