100 Ways To Birth Your Entrepreneurial Dream! Part 1 of 5

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Everyone has a dream!

Everyone has something inside of them that wants to be expressed.  For some their souls calling is manifest through a hobby like rock climbing and for some it manifests in a career such as teaching.  For a select few the dream is entrepreneurial and must be expressed in a form called “career” or “business owner” or “entrepreneur.”

Not everyone knows how to pull the energies that want to be expressed into a workable plan that guarantees success.  If you fall into this category, you will want to pay special attention to the many ways to manifest your hearts desire.  Pay attention to the suggestions we offer here; they work!  Notice if you feel skeptical or resistant.  Make a mental note if you feel excited at the possibility these suggestions provide you.  If you feel a spark igniting, you might want to actively pursue the suggestions given.  Michelle and I are here to support you, if you require (or desire) the benefit from professional support.

We are breaking this down into five posts so you can more easily digest the suggestions and determine how you might implement them.  The world will be a better place when you’re authentically expressing all of who you are.  And if that’s through an entrepreneurial endeavor, then many people will benefit from your engagement.  We believe that the world needs your gifts…and you have no right to keep them to yourself!

100 ways to birth your Entrepreneurial Dream…

  1. Get really clear on what you want to manifest. The clearer you are on what you want, the easier it will be to formulate a plan that lays out the action steps you will need to take.  You can do this through a visioning exercise, a journal entry, or a coaching session.
  2. Create a plan to make it happen. In order to move your project from fantasy to reality you will need to have a concrete plan that you can refer to regularly.
  3. Break your project down. It will be very powerful to break your project down into clear phases so that you don’t become overwhelmed and give up.
  4. Get support through Project Manifest six-week intensive coaching process. We could break this suggestion down into a hundred ways to give yourself the support you need.  It is important to see that giving yourself support is a gift that you give yourself.  Any support you put in place is a gift.  A coaching relationship may be the most powerful gift you give yourself.
  5. Write. Every morning take about thirty minutes to clear your mind through writing.  Don’t edit, simply free your mind.  Julia Cameron calls this morning pages and it is a very powerful tool to open up new energies.  Your mind can become stagnant and regular dumping makes room for new ideas to come to you.  I can’t emphasize how valuable new thoughts are to creating something new.
  6. Praise your accomplishments. Focus on what you have done and acknowledge yourself for your accomplishments.  Criticizing your efforts is a waste of your time.
  7. Sit in meditation. Take time everyday to get quiet and hear what your next step is.
  8. Refrain from beating yourself up. When you make yourself wrong for what you haven’t done, you are sabotaging your ability to create.
  9. Watch your internal dialogue. You might want to keep a notebook for this one.  For many people the internal dialogue will be negative.  The more you can monitor your internal voices and shift them from to positive you will manifest more easily.
  10. Take a walk in nature! Michelle and I have had our business meetings on beautiful hikes.  Taking time in nature will clear your mind and provide you with the necessary life force to take your next step in manifesting your entrepreneurial dream.  The majority of our creation has come from this simple tool.
  11. Talk about your project. As you share your dream with (supportive) people, you will notice that many of these people will share pieces of your dream and add to the energy you are working with.
  12. Identify all the skills you will need to manifest your entrepreneurial dream. Make a list of every skill you will need to make your dream a reality.
  13. Take a class. You probably have many skills at your disposal, but you are probably missing some key skills that will ensure your success.  Identify the skills you are missing and learn them.
  14. Hire someone. We believe that manifesting your dream can be fun and exhilarating.  If there are skills you don’t want to learn or tasks you don’t want to take on, don’t!  Michelle and I have a team of elves to help us with everything we don’t like to do.  A big part of our business is the writing that I do.  Writing lights me up and turns me on!  I would never hire that out.  But there are lots of tasks that are boring to me or not in my expertise or that I simply don’t have any desire to learn.  Hire someone!
  15. Get a buddy! Some of the best support I’ve ever received was from having a buddy that I checked in with regularly.  You only need about 20 minutes a week as long as you are focused in your check-in.  Prepare a set of questions in advance and use them during your check-in.
  16. Join a mastermind group. An accountability group may be just what you need share ideas and expand your awareness of where you could be more powerful in your action steps.
  17. Join our 6-week intensive for Project Manifest. We have a Project Manifest intensive starting in September 8, 2009.  It’s limited to 6 people and is a high level coaching process.  Not for sissy’s or anyone unsure of their commitment.
  18. Follow the energy. Notice when you are blocked.  There is a lot of information for you in blocked energy.  Obstacles could mean that you need to take another path, or that you simply need to take a walk.  They could also mean that you have some limiting belief preventing you from manifesting.
  19. Identify your limiting beliefs. You may have a belief that prevents you from accessing your full manifestation powers.  Some common beliefs are that there is not enough money or time.  Perhaps you believe that you have to work hard to get what you want.  There are well over 100 limiting beliefs–you might have a few.  Get help identifying them and changing them.
  20. Nurture your relationships. Take time for the people that you love and allow the time you invest in relationships to support your manifestation.
  21. Use a mantra. It may take some time to identify a mantra that really fits for you.  My mantra goes like this:  Everything I do leads to the success of my business. This mantra has far reaching affects.  When I exclaim that everything leads to my success, then taking that walk or taking a weekend off gets to be part of my manifestation efforts.  Then I don’t feel guilty for taking care of myself.
  22. Love yourself. You are an incredible being and need to hear it often, so tell yourself.  I mean it!  Look in the mirror everyday and exclaim, “I love you!  I’m worthy to manifest my entrepreneurial dream.”
  23. Make love! Making love is a creative activity that can open your field to higher manifestation.  If you don’t have a partner, make love with yourself.
  24. Watch The Shadow Effect movie. This movie can help you break through your limitations.  I’ve been working with these concepts for several years and the distinction around projections has a profound impact on everyone I coach–without fail!
  25. Understand what Conscious Livelihood® is. When you bring consciousness to your creative process, you will be empowered to choose every moment the direction of your life.

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